Due to technological advancement over the last decade, meeting rooms have witnessed both innovation and intricacies. Especially with the emergence of covid 19 and work from home trends, what has become more trendy is a hybrid meeting room meeting.  

What is a hybrid meeting room? It is a conference space that hosts both in-person and remote attendees of a meeting. Applications like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc. are pretty much in demand by almost all business organizations. These hybrid rooms do not seem to skip the scene anytime soon. Hence those organizations who have not yet set up these rooms must spend the next 2-3 minutes reading how to do it with AV solutions

Setting Up Your Hybrid Meeting Room With AV Technology 

  1. Video Conferencing Set Up
    First, businesses need to have a video conferencing system in order to host a hybrid meeting in your conference, huddle, or boardrooms. This setup is very essential to organize a hybrid meeting. This way the remote attendants will be able to get involved and communicate well during the meeting.
  2. Display Monitors
    Secondly, display monitors in the conference rooms also play a crucial role. With digital monitors or projectors installed in the conference room, the in-person members can easily communicate with the remote attendees. These monitors will display and share the content on a large scale during the meetings.
  3. Cams
    With high-quality cameras in the conference room, the remote attendees will be able to catch each action of the in-person members and conduct an effective meeting.
  4. Microphones & Speakers
    The use of proper audio quality speakers and microphones will undoubtedly enhance the meeting experience. Both parties will be able to effectively listen and understand the communicated messages being delivered during the hybrid meeting. In the absence of proper audio conferencing technology, communication may end up being vague leading to confused and irritated attendees.


Indian businesses can make the most out of the hybrid meeting rooms by hiring apt services from professional audio visual integration companies in India, like Sigma AVIT. Get in touch with our team for suitable audio-video solutions for your hybrid conference rooms.