It’s hard to find a woman who hasn’t been bullied while walking down the street. With that there is always a bad touch or hint. Besides, I want to protect myself if someone comes to me unjustly.


If you are in a helpless situation on the road and the door is locked, it will not work. It is good to have some preparation to avoid such unpleasant incidents. For self-defense, martial arts or physical techniques like karate, judo, taekwondo can be a powerful tool for women’s protection.


Enthusiasm for karate training among girls is increasing day by day. Women of any age can learn karate starting from four year old child. Learning karate increases immunity as the overall lifestyle of a person changes. This sport of diverse techniques makes a woman confident and courageous. Originally called for self-defense, karate is also known as a sport, exercise and even a means of recreation. Karate is also a medium of art like song-dance, painting, story-poetry. That’s why karate can be a true friend by reducing addiction to technology.



What is karate?

The word ‘karate’ is Japanese; It means “empty hand”. Karate is a form of empty-handed “martial art” or wrestling – an Indian Buddhist monk having a direct role in the origin of wrestling … In the middle of the twentieth century karate spread around the world and became incredibly popular due to its diverse techniques. Although the origin of karate or its past history is not very clear, it is certain that karate originated more than a thousand years ago and its father is a Buddhist who is now known as ‘Daruma’. In about 50 BC, this Indian Buddhist monk introduced the first systematic exercise in a small shrine in China. Invented for the purpose of strengthening the body and mind, this art has evolved in different places over time and acquired the present form of ‘Karate’.


Benifit of Karate.

There are many benefits to learning karate. Karate is basically a strategy of self-defense with empty hands. Karate is 50% hand work and 50% foot work. It’s more about self-defense. I think my morale has increased a lot and more than others. Courage has increased, I can easily defend myself if someone attacks me. I can attack if necessary, although it is not necessary to do so yet.



Many people think that karate means fighting. But this is just a misconception. It is an art. If you practice that the body is fine. Where we need to exercise every day, we can also learn karate. When you practice karate, your blood circulation is good. The mind stays good. Physical growth is rapid. If there is excess fat, it is cut. Neither frustration nor negative feelings are created. As a result, it will keep away from drugs.

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Where to learn

Shotokan JKA Academy both sides of the body & upper and the lower body to produce powerful, fast punches, kicks , strikes, blocks and throws. It also develops a balanced & even development of the body & mind through its practice of basics,forms, and sparring drills in practice. ( Kihon, Kata & Kumite )


Practitioners employ powerfully delivered, direct punches & strikes, using the hips, designed to quickly stop an attacker in a self-defence or competition situation.


Many other martial arts were derived from the Shotokan JKA system.such as taekwondo, kyokushinkai karate, wadoryu karate ..and many others…


Master the dynamic martial art of original Japan Karate Association karate as taught at the Japan Karate Association (JKA)  by the original JKA karate masters  with  Sham Aktar Sensei.





If you are a student, learn karate as well as study. And if you are a parent, encourage your child to learn karate. One thing to keep in mind is that karate never harms learning but rather increases concentration. Although learning karate may seem like an easy task, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to master its techniques. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. So let’s learn a few basic things about karate!


The Dynamic Shotokan Karate JKA style is grounded upon the fighting traditions of the once noble samurai( legionnaire class) & their battles & gospel through particular combats & conflicts of developing their body, mind, & spirit through floundering to achieve peace and harmony in their surroundings, and eventually the world.


They had to be prepared against all odds and eventualities palpable and impalpable in order to survive. There’s no better feeling than being fit both physically and mentally; and that’s what our training is each about and what we will essay to inseminate in you, through training. That’s our ultimate thing. In order to achieve that we train the physical body first, developing effective ways of keeping balance, moving & footwork in stations combined with punches, strikes, blocks, kicks, and throws in a correct way. We concentrate on the correct form, & balance of each fashion which requires trouble and attention