The majority of people search for different ways to reserve the best seats. While traveling with any reputed airline, there are several rules & offers that can help to grab a seat. However, British airways seat selection policy helps to make the situation bit easy & choose the desired seats. 

It’s a legacy carrier of the United Kingdom & the second largest airline in the nation based on fleet size. There are multiple benefits while flying here, such as first-class check-in & boarding, free seat selection, and many more on the list. 

Why do you need to pay for the seats on the airlines?

You can read the below points to get some clarity:

  1. You can get the top class in-flight trip experience in the different cabins
  2. Access the lounge for an extra comfort
  3. The airline offers a variety of the delicious meals
  4. Tickets for the upgraded class on the respective airlines get the priority line 
  5. Enjoy some extra space to work & relax along with the flat bags
  6. Get privacy on the flight to isolate 
  7. Enjoy ample entertainment & more while flying

The above points refer to Is it worth paying for seats on British Airways?

How to book the seats with the airline?

 Below are the points that can help to book the flights:

  • Access the official site of the airline
  • Now on the booking option, select book a flight
  • Choose the trip type & enter the details of the boarding & destination city
  • Pick the date of journey & enter the passenger’s count 
  • Hit the search flight button & look for the desired flight
  • In the end, proceed to pay

What happens if you don’t choose the seats here?

In this scenario, the airlines try & manage to accommodate the family before the flight departure. However, if there are limited seats at that time, your seats may get split & the customer needs to corporate. 

How do I get saved for making any payment for the seats?

The seat section is free unless the customers have booked a basic ticket like economy & hand baggage. It can be done when the check-in opens & 24 hrs after the departure. But if you want to change, then pay. 

Although, if you wish to travel at a reasonable price or get the best deals, contact British Airways booking.