Signboards or signages play a vital role in directing and informing the drivers on the roads or visitors in the company about the warnings, prohibitions, and instructions to follow for their security and safety. Without them, all of us would not be able to go through our daily lives. Signages provide information direction and help others. This post will discuss the history and usage of the signs in various industries. So let’s start;

What is the Signage?  

Signage is an important part of our lives; these signs and symbols communicate with people through different languages. These signs or billboards are meant for other materials like metal, acrylic, foam, and many colors. 

In today’s scenario, the advertisers must attract the target audience’s attention through different innovative methods. To make advertisements available at homes, offices, and in public places like airports, malls, railway stations, and so on, new technologies like digital Signage have made their mark in the market. Marketers and Advertising agencies are rapidly adopting digital signage technology as a mode of differentiated advertising. Visuals attract the viewers’ attention and are more effective than audio advertisements.

Here are some of the purpose and objectives of some signages; 

Inanimate salesperson  

Signs are not only useful tools, but they can also become active inanimate advertising and marketing representatives for your company. Strategically placed, with proper color and lighting, signboards can convey a concise message to passing motorists. For example; With more than 32,000 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide, there is a better chance of catching the attention of millions of people using signboards. Golden Arches can be found conveniently placed along the road. It shows that McDonald’s is always open for you.

Wayfinding and direction

Wayfinding and direction represent route guidance, such as in urban areas. They include Signage, symbols, maps, and other communications to help travelers get from point A to point B. The most basic form of wayfinding and direction consists of the Signage seen along a given route. This is used to provide instructions for navigating or directing along a particular way.

Health and safety

The objective of using health and safety signs is to protect people, facilities, property, or equipment. These signs can be divided into three major types or categories, namely: 

1) Health and Safety Signs – give information on hazards to human health and safety

2) Mandatory Health and Safety Signs – used to communicate rules, regulations, laws, and requirements that individuals must obey

3) Prohibition Health and Safety signs – used to indicate prohibited activities for personal safety reasons.

Enhancing appearance

A quality sign is enough to draw your customers’ attention in a way that you can enhance the appearance of your business. Signage distinguishes the look of your business from others and makes it unique, which is essential for people to build trust in it. Murals are digitally printed, having 3D effects, making them more attractive.

To get the attention of your target audience, you need a powerful signboard that helps your business in getting more customers in the door. Whether you’re looking for signs to advertise your restaurant, your business, or any other venues, at Sigo Signs, we have an array of options available to suit you. Our team will create a sign just for you!