Incidence of sudden cardiac arrest is very common nowadays, especially among the young generation. Sedentary lifestyles, diabetes, excess intake of alcohol, smoking, and hypertension are some of the causes behind the increase in sudden cardiac arrest among people.

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs due to the disturbance of electrical signals in the heart leading to arrhythmia, after which your heart can come to a standstill and obstruct the blood flow in the whole body.

If the condition is serious, then some patients might get hospitalized for a few days, and several tests are done to diagnose the underlying cause behind the issue.

1. Chest Pain

Suppose you have regular chest pain without engaging yourself in any physical activity such as lifting, running, or cycling. So it’s better to immediately consult a doctor and get the related tests done for your timely treatment.

2. Momentary Loss of Consciousness

If you frequently fall due to loss of consciousness, it can signify cardiac arrest. Unconscious fall happens due to continuous fluctuations in a heartbeat.

If not treated timely, this can become a life-threatening situation. You need to consult your doctor to avoid any complications.

3. Absence of Pulse

It is one of the main symptoms of cardiac arrest. However, most people don’t know about this sign, or they might don’t know how to check the pulse.

If you or any family member collapse or stop breathing, it is better to take him immediately to the hospital.

4. Shortness of Breath

It is normal to have the breathlessness while doing any physical work since the heart and lungs work with extra force in such a situation.

However, if you face this situation regularly on the day to day basis, then this might be an alarming call for you to consult your doctor as this can put you at a high risk of cardiac arrest.

5. Weakness and Dizziness

Do you often get tired or feel fatigued or worn out while doing any activity or household task? This can be due to sleepless nights, or might you might have a tough day.

However, if you are also suffering from chest pain or short breath, you need to get alert as there might be chances of you having a cardiac arrest in the future.

6. Heart Palpitations

If you are having irregular heartbeats and sudden palpitations in the heart, then don’t ignore this, as this can be an alarming call for you.

Since it is normal for the heart to get excited or skip a beat once in a while, you need to consult a doctor if it happens often.

7. Nausea or Indigestion

When your heart and body don’t receive the required blood supply, you might have heartburn or acid reflux such as acidity or feel like throwing up.

However, don’t misjudge it as acidity as it can be cardiac arrest, so it’s better to visit your doctor.

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