Bipolar disorder is a psychological wellness condition that includes massive changes in mood and different side effects. A few attributes of the condition and its effect can be different for females, compared with males.

Females may likewise have a higher risk of conditions that can go with bipolar disorder, like headache, thyroid issues, weight, and tension problems.

What’s more, and critically, pregnancy, period, and menopause can influence side effects and treatment choices for bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder symptoms in females:


Mania is a condition of raised mood. During hyper episodes, you might feel extremely cheerful, lively, and inventive. You may likewise feel peevish.


Hypomania is a less serious type of mania. During hypomanic episodes, you might feel raised moods like those that happen with mania. These raised states of mind are less serious than hyper temperaments, however, and Lesley affect your capacity to work. Women are bound to create hypomania than men.


Depression is a condition of incredibly low state of mind. During depressive episodes, you might feel serious trouble with a huge loss of energy. These episodes last no less than about fourteen days. Along these lines, depressive episodes can cause extreme disability.  Women are bound to encounter depressive side effects than men.

Mixed mania

In addition isolated hyper and depressive episodes, individuals with bipolar disorder may likewise encounter mania. This is otherwise called a mixed episode. With a mixed episode, you might encounter both hyper and depressive side effects day to day for a week or longer. Women are bound to encounter mixed episodes than men.

Rapid cycling

Bipolar episodes can likewise be described by how rapidly the episodes substitute. Fast cycling is an example of bipolar problem that happens when you have no less than four hyper or depressive episodes in one year or less.

Women with bipolar disorder are believed to be at an expanded risk of beginning or backslide because of hormone changes. These fluctuations can be caused by:

  • Menstruation
  • Premenstrual condition and premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause

However, the side effects of the condition are treatable. Treatment is individualized in light of your particular side effects. To know more information, consult with a bipolar disorder therapist.

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