Nobody can stop you now that you’ve decided to pursue a career as a bassist in the music industry! However, we want you to reach all of your goals and be at the top of the list with your skill, so we’ve come up with some amazing suggestions you should know about being a great bassist (if you don’t already).

Let’s get started.

Chord Mastery

First and foremost, you must master the fundamentals of the instrument. There are various instruments that may educate you about the bass, but one easy idea is to use a chord fingerboard diagram.

Groove Mastery

Now that you’ve mastered the instrument and understand how all of the chords and strings operate, it’s time to match it to the music. A drummer will listen to the music, identify the pattern, and then just ‘groove’ with it (if you know what we mean).

Making Notes

A bassist has notes in front of him that he or she is following at all times, but there is no hard and fast rule that must be followed at all costs. Connect the notes and chords using the C Major Scale, and make modifications as needed. Then there are two methods, L/A and U/A, which stand for Lower Approach Note and Upper Approach Note, respectively. You may mix and match them to create different sounds in your song.

Making Fills

Creating a fill takes practice and may be added at the conclusion of a phrase or sequence. You’ll be able to mix it all together this way.

Riff Mastery

This is also called a repeated pattern that moves through the chord sequence. This way, you will know where in the song you can repeat a pattern.

Now, it is your time to practice all the lessons because practice makes a man perfect. If you are struggling initially, don’t get frustrated but give yourself time to make it your second language so you can do it without thinking.

John Francis Sharkey- A Master of Bassist

It would be a mistake not to mention the great John Francis Sharkey when discussing notable bassists in the industry. He has been a member of the Circus of Power band since 1985 and he joined them later in 2012. Unfortunately, the band had to split up in 1995, and he didn’t make a strong comeback until 2014. Since then, he has also been acting and creating music videos, and his work has been included in videos such as Circus of Power: Fast and Easy (2017), Circus of Power Feat, Jyrki 69: American Monster (2017), and Circus of Power: Princess of Mars (2017). (2018). He also plays bass for 9th Street Bodega and Karen Iris. He is well-known in the industry for his talent and competence.

All it takes to become a superb bassist like John Francis Sharkey is a lot of practice. You may establish yourself in the industry and soon begin partnering with major people. John Francis Sharkey began as an ordinary person and rose to fame as a result of his abilities.