Software development refers to a set of technological tasks performed to create, design, implement and support software. It could be defined as the specific set of instructions that tells a device what to do. It is independent from the device hardware, and allows devices to be programmable.

Developing software implies building it by simply describing it. At a more general level, the relationship between software and its environment is clear, since software is introduced into the world in such a way that it causes certain effects in it. Those elements that are affected by a specific software, and that also affects the software itself, are known as the Application Domain. It is there where the users or clients will observe if software development has fulfilled its purpose.

One of the biggest shortcomings in the software building practice is how problem discussion is usually dismissed. Commonly, developers tend to focus only on the solution, without deeply exploring the problem. The problem to be solved must be deduced from its solution. This solution-oriented approach can be beneficial in those fields where all problems are well known, researched and classified. But software development is not a field with this sort of characteristics. The versatility of computers and their rapid evolution means that there is a constantly changing repertoire of problems whose software solution is of enormous importance. Keep reading to know about some great Software development expert firms in South America.


Innuy´s mission is to work every day in order to make your business growth. Every success related to your firm is great news for them. The firm is formed by experienced advisors, impeccable developers and talented professionals, who are available making IT decisions, building solutions, control and monitoring, designing internal and external communication strategies, developing product concepts, planning and integrating organization and method efforts.

Its team focus is to achieve those objectives for which its clients choose the firm. For them, quality is always essential. For this reason, their professionals join their clients with the aim of achieving the goal for which they initially contacted them, with excellence and professionalism.


With the proper attention and empathy, they dedicate the needed time to understand the goals they aim for, offering you the service that best suits their needs and define the strategy that will provide them a safe path to success.

In other words, they work day by day, hand in hand with your work team, in order to build the solutions you are looking for and achieve the objectives set with the efficiency you deserve in the right time.

These solutions are delivered with precision, performance and security, so all what you implement in production are high-quality, minimizing errors and incidents. Only this way you can be sure that the work carried out was excellently understood.(click here)

iDrix Technology

iDrix Technology is a leader in Digital transformation from Ecuador. At iDrix Technology S.A, as a software development company, they are dedicated to the development of customized Software based on clients´ needs and expectations, through the quality function deployment (QFD) methodology.

The experience accumulated over several years, and the use of programming based on a component architecture, allows them to deal efficiently with all type of development projects. All their projects are modular and can grow as the business grows. For the customer, this translates into faster time to obtain their applications, easier and cheaper maintenance, as well as better performance and product quality.

The Custom Software Development provided by the firm is built and designed with the latest technologies and goes exclusively according to the needs, criteria, resources and budget of each Company. The main benefit of personalized software is that it fully adapts to the requirements of each client and, in this way, takes advantage of a system´s whole potential, achieving user satisfaction.

iDrix Technology S.A.’s custom-made systems are very reliable since they are developed with programming and quality control standards and methodologies. Also, automated tasks with custom software will significantly save your collaborators’ time, and in the medium and long term, custom software is always cheaper than standard software that does not cover all the company’s needs. Another advantage is that it is 100% customizable, as it fully adapts to the needs of the company, taking advantage of the system´s full potential.


TSI is a Colombian software development company that for two decades has managed and completed high-quality software engineering projects. As technology experts, its team provides advice, accompaniment and support for software development.

At the firm, they work according to latest industry standards. Its team is permanently trained and certified in order to respond to complex requirements in efficient times, without compromising the final product quality. The company has worked on several projects related to the banking and financial sector, among others.

The company´s work methodology includes commitment, quality, qualified human resources and the software industry best practices. Its mission is to be recognized as a leading company in the provision of software engineering services in the country and in international markets.