What Are Diamond Testers?
Diamond testers such as Gem Refractometer are small portable devices that test the authenticity of diamonds. Designed with a small rectangular body, these devices usually have a small needle on top and a display or beeping sound built into them so you can get the results.

Portable Jewellery Diamond Tool With built-in Battery Gemological GIA Testing Instrument Gem Refractometer

How Do They Function?
Diamond testers use a needle on the top of the device to help detect whether a diamond is real. This needle works with thermal connectivity to give an accurate result.

Helpful Features in Diamond Testers
Many diamond testers contain metal detectors in them which will alert you if you happen to slide the needle off of the diamond. This is a great feature because it will ensure that the needle doesn’t record any activity on the metal surrounding the gem.

Gemstone Diamond Proportion Scope with High Accuracy for Diamond Cutting Analysis

How Reliable Are Diamond Testers?
Diamond testers lincluding Diamond Proportion Scope are actually one of the most reliable ways to tell whether or not a diamond is real. In fact, most jewelers will use one of these devices to test diamonds before they buy or sell them.

Diamond testers help to determine whether or not diamonds are real in a quick and easy way. By using them you can test diamonds for authenticity before you buy or sell. These devices are also easy to use, thus making them useful for both beginners and professionals.