Bali makes everyone’s holiday easy. Whenever the word “summer” is mentioned, it is one of the most watched summer travel destinations in the world. However, no matter how famous it has become, Bali is still a place worth visiting again, because countless wonderful attractions will definitely make everyone’s summer trip unforgettable. Today, let’s talk about what surprises you will encounter when you are looking for summer in Bali.
1. beach
Quiet beaches such as Bias Tugel Beach can always meet all your travel expectations. This is precisely what Bali is famous for: white sandy beaches, blue waters, and rolling waves create a tropical atmosphere. Every beach has different wonders, so please discover them in person and you will be surprised by everything you encounter on the way!
2. waterfall
In recent years, Bali’s waterfalls have become more and more popular. This is not without reason. In addition to many beautiful beaches, the Island of the Gods also has many majestic waterfalls hidden in dense jungles. Newcomers can visit Manuaba Waterfall (Manuaba) in Kenderan Village (Kenderan), Degralang District. Find restoran pempek here. People looking for greater excitement can continue to Tegenungan Waterfall and Goa Rang Reng Waterfall. Of course there are many options, but finding them by yourself will make the journey more fun, right?
3. Highlands
Bali is also famous for its highlands, whether it’s the green terraces and log huts of Ubud or the cool breeze of Kintamani. It is a perfect choice for those who want to end their summer trip after exploring the beaches and other tropical attractions. Want some adrenaline-stimulating activities? You can try hiking up Mount Agung to watch the wonders from the highest point in Bali. Try some other good activities in the highlands of Bali and meet the other side of summer Bali!
4. Traditional market
Shopping is always a refreshing way to enjoy the holidays. If you are looking for tons of interesting and good things in Bali, we recommend that you come to the Sukawati Art Market in Gianyar. You can buy summer necessities here, such as sunglasses, beach hats and cute summer clothes. As one of the oldest art markets in Bali, there are also many handicrafts, traditional braid, paintings, jewelry, handmade products, and a variety of unique objects such as household and daily necessities. In addition, you can also explore other traditional markets, such as Badung Market, Kumbasari Art Market, Kreneng Market and Ubud Market.
5. Noosa Three Islands
Finally, a summer trip to Bali would be incomplete without mentioning the three neighboring small islands (Noosa Three Islands): Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. These are suitable for those who want to seek more travel excitement outside the main island. Many people know Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida: a wonderful white sandy beach with huge cliffs shaped like Tyrannosaurus rex, with dragon claws reaching into the sea. At the same time, Lembongan and Treasure Island are not only famous for their fantastic beaches, but also the eye-catching Yellow Bridge connecting the two islands. Embracing summer in Bali has never been so fun, especially now that you can enjoy the complete experience brought about by Indonesia’s looser international travel regulations. If you plan to travel to Bali this summer, we need to remind you to follow all health protocols, be a responsible traveler, and maintain healthy habits, such as wearing masks in public places, washing your hands frequently, and maintaining safe social distancing.