This course will help you enhance your English communications skills to ensure the success of your business. Each course is focused on a specific area of English communication, including email writing and interviewing, presenting and online networking. A better English communication is essential for communicating with prospective employers, employees, and partners and clients. Capstone can help you create connections that can propel your career or business up to the next step. This specialization: Improve Your English Communication Skills will assist you to become more competitive.

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Coursera Specializations are a set of courses which help you master the specific skills you need to master. You can enroll directly into the Specialization or browse through its offerings to find one that you are interested in. You’ll automatically receive the entire Specialization when you enroll in the course within a Specialization. You are only able to complete one class. You are able to stop learning at any point or end your subscription at any time. To keep track of your course enrollments and to track your progress, log onto your learners dashboard.

A hands-on activity

Each Specialization comes with a specific project. To receive your certificate and finish the Specialization, you’ll have to complete the project(s). You’ll need to finish every course within the Specialization before you are able to begin the program.

Earn an award

You’ll be awarded a certificate when you’ve completed all the courses as well as the hands-on assignments. The certificate can be given to potential employers as well as your professional network.

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