Every year, a large number of people show up at adjacent tennis courts with rackets and balls, either to play competitively or merely to improve their skills. Tennis elbow is a term used to describe an elbow injury that is so widespread among players because of the nature of the sport.

Tennis elbow, stress fractures, muscular aches, and the shoulder are some of the most frequent ailments that occur, and these can all be treated with sports physiotherapy.


Basic Sports Physiotherapy Treatments

Tennis elbow is primarily caused by overusing the forearm muscles and repetition. Tennis elbow can thus occur in people who are not tennis players by engaging in any activity that regularly causes stress on the same muscles. Tennis elbow problems can also result from other sports like badminton and squash, although the majority of people develop it from manual labor activities like carpentry, woodworking, wall painting, and other similar jobs.

Pain below the elbows outside edge makes it easy to diagnose. With difficult movements and increased strain on the tendon or muscle, the discomfort may get worse. It typically affects people between the ages of 40 and 50.

It was mistakenly thought for a while that inflammation was the cause of tennis elbow. Cortisone injections were advised by doctors, however, this resulted in long-term problems. In cases of tendon pain, load control is extremely important. As was previously said, overuse is typically what causes the initial injury, although full rest should also be avoided.

For tennis elbow, sports physiotherapy Canberra offers a variety of procedures that can help you manage your discomfort while controlling stress and building strength to help reduce the likelihood of developing more serious issues in the future.

Strength Workouts

As previously stated, overuse is typically the root cause of tendon pain. This indicates that the tendon and forearm muscles are being loaded beyond their load threshold. Strengthening the forearm is necessary to increase muscular strength and reduce the chance of re-injury, but certain strength exercises can also have a pain-relieving impact.

Dry Needling

Dry needling, which can have advantages compared to massage, is an additional choice to be taken into account with your sports physio Canberra. To help you gradually return to your work, action, or daily tasks, it can be beneficial to reduce tension in the injured muscles and tendons while providing some pain relief.