There’s no better place to live in the world than New York City. With fantastic local food and cultures from all over the world, New York is the place to be where you can make your dreams come true. However, all good things come with a price.

The city is large and extremely diverse, which is why living costs vary from area to area. New York City consists of five main boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Brooklyn. Each of these boroughs have a different cost of living, even within the areas themselves. However, Manhattan is undoubtedly one of the most expensive boroughs since the cost of living there can only be afforded by a few multi-millionaires. These elite neighborhoods aren’t usually accessible to relatively lower-income individuals who work just as hard but just can’t afford to spend that much on luxury living.

Nevertheless, with Stephen Jemal’s new Manhattan-based project, all that is set to change!

Stephen Jemal, an honorable and hardworking US citizen

Who Is Stephen Jemal?

Stephen Jemal is the founder of the popular electronics store Nobody Beats The Wiz, which was a highly famous chain of retail stores until the late 1990s. Stephen Jemal started with humble origins and went on to become an honorable citizen of the United States with sheer hard work and his inexhaustible passion towards improving the quality of life of all Americans.

Jemal learned first-hand about the conception of an idea of a commercial or residential development and exactly what it takes to reach actual completion through his awe-inspiring accomplishments in the retail industry, where he stepped into the world of real estate and founded his own in-house construction company. This “ground-up” education garnered over many decades enabled Jemal to become fluent in all aspects of the construction industry.

Jemal employed hundreds of tradesmen and construction management employees to build retail shopping centers and other commercial projects. With creative business acumen and a knack for evaluating the success of a business venture, Jemal looked to build a technical team of New York City centric, experienced professionals that could bring his dream of luxury affordable housing to life.

Stephen Jemal COO of JemRock Organization

Whenever his company worked on building a shopping center, Jemal also manufactured the fixtures for every interior space as well. Owing to his experience building Nobody Beats The Wiz, Jemal was aware of how to get the most affordable supplies and materials for the job. He negotiated directly with all the original source manufacturers to save on costs and even supplied all materials keeping the process in check, under control and saving money and time while doing so.

Nevertheless, the most admirable aspects of Jemal’s work continue to be his innovative total vertical integration of design, planning, material procurement, construction, fixture manufacturing, construction and project management, and organizational skill-set. With this unique vertical process, he can construct various buildings cost-effectively and rapidly. It also allows his company to assume complete control of all aspects of the project from beginning to end in a comprehensively organized fashion. This is how Jemal’s projects were able to reach completion without any delays and cost overruns.

How Is Stephen Jemal Changing the Real Estate Game in Manhattan?

Stephen Jemal has years of expertise working with contractors, sub-contractors, manufactures, developers, and other industry professionals. This experience and the collection of a highly qualified and experienced team that JemRock has assembled will ensure that every project undertaken will be completed on time and within budget.

Jemal’s forte’s both in the design/construction and advertising/marketing industries will be highly beneficial for the launch of his new brand: CENTRAL!

JemRock, CENTRAL, “Live, Work, Be Well”

All You Need to Know about Stephen Jemal’s CENTRAL     

CENTRAL is based on the concept of capitalizing on NYC housing markets huge shortage of supply in apartments and the extremely high demand. Stephen Jemal along with his oldest son Norman, C.O.O. of JemRock Organization, have created a new phenomenon: affordable luxury apartments in the Manhattan real estate market, marketed to the six-figure earners.

With his team of world-class credentialed and highly experienced professionals, Jemal has multiple affordable luxury living apartment projects in the pipeline. These projects have been planned and designed with the perfect CENTRAL ideology. CENTRAL is uniquely positioned to allow various individuals from any background or profession, earning six figures, to choose an affordable luxury apartment in the most coveted locations in New York City.

With this project, Stephen Jemal and his son Norman are aiming for the stars, which will happen in conjunction with his hardworking, highly resourceful and experienced team. Any professional who heretofore could not afford to live in their dream apartment in Manhattan will now be able to experience the luxury of living in the most prestigious neighborhoods and most magnificent buildings in New York City.

Stephen and Norman Jemal and the JemRock Team have spent the last four years meticulously analyzing facts, costs, pricing, and studying all data relating to the Manhattan residential market. Jemal and his team have come up with a real unique solution to solve the problem of the shortage of apartments in Manhattan and plan to provide an affordable solution.

Considering the surge in rent prices in New York City, Jemal’s project is truly one-of-a-kind. With this quality of construction, affordable price-point and desirable location, CENTRAL is one of the most awaited projects and is bound to blow everyone away once full details of the project are revealed.

Stephen Jemal’s Future Plans for CENTRAL

Jemal has assembled a truly world-class core team to execute on CENTRAL from concept-to-completion, such that it will include all the top professionals from the industry. They have not only developed a new multiple building residential conversion project but have introduced a well-crafted plan that will revolutionize modern luxury living.

Jemal plans to launch the trademark pending CENTRAL brand soon with his team and market it widely and creatively throughout the US. An expansion of CENTRAL has already been pre-planned and will launch soon after its successful launch in Manhattan, which will mean that citizens all over the world will also be able to live in premium properties in fantastic lavish locations at a low and affordable cost. Stephen Jemal already has his sights set on several premium locations in the United States where the same ideology and intelligent strategies of CENTRAL will be employed to make extravagant living accessible as well as affordable to the masses.

Last Thoughts

Stephen Jemal has divulged that all pertinent details of CENTRAL’s project will soon be ready for release to the general public. JemRock with its CENTRAL core team has assembled and organized all plans for the current Manhattan initial launch whereupon all details and information about the apartments, scale, types of projects, rates, and the design and amenities will be made public.