Park NSW, Australia – July 18, 2022 – Solutions Technologies International (STI) today announced that with the rapid migration of Windows to android technology, supply chain organisations could quickly move their work data to android within minutes. Organisations these days are likely shifting to android because Microsoft will presumably end its active support for Windows 10 in 2025. Therefore, organisations rely on STI, as we simplify the process of existing terminal emulation or web-based applications with them as they migrate to android.   

“Our proficient skilled team at Sonar Technologies International (STI) known for delivering automated workflow and assist in migrating barcode scanning devices to an android system. Most Businesses such as warehouse, manufacturing and retail sectors that will likely get affected as Microsoft is ending support for certain OS. At STI, our robust methodologies for android migration have been helping many leading Australian industries to make prompt deliveries, help take crucial warehousing decisions, as a consequence it ultimately ensures business continuity and reduction of cost for new android system.” said CEO, Solutions Technologies International. 

Our migration solution provides rapid modernisation for supply chain customers to switch from green screens to touch-enabled android interfaces. Besides that, our technology team works cohesively with clients to optimise workflows by migrating to the cloud.   

For the past few years, Sonar Technologies provides a robust and reliable support for android migration and it allows various business partners like us to use mobile apps that have sophisticated and advanced features.” said one of STI’s trusted long-time clients. “Since the beginning, STI helped us get quick and easy migration without lengthy process of implementation.” 

When it comes to managing warehousing and supply chain, the topic of android migration is no longer a question of ‘if’ or ‘but’; in fact, it has become a necessity. As mentioned previously, many Microsoft operating systems have already been ending their support. For example, Windows 7 lost its extended support on January 14 2020, Windows Embedded compact in April 2021 and Windows 8.0 in October and the latest in news, Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 in 2025. That is why the need to look to the future of android migration has become more critical than ever as the clock ticks down.  

STI software solutions that seamlessly support your Migration to Android and allows employees to use green screen apps, making them more efficient while providing greater visibility,” said a trusted partner of Sonar technologies International.  


Benefits of Planning for the Future with STI’s Android Migration Solution.  

Sonar allows businesses to easily migrate existing Telnet software and make them compatible with modern Android smartphones. With our migration solution, companies can expect the following benefits.   

Boost Efficiency  

With the rise of e-commerce, most clients expect shorter delivery times, and most “green screen apps” and yesterday’s operating systems are ineffective in solving today’s supply chain challenges. But with an android system, warehousing management gets easy. STI helps companies leverage modern technologies in warehouse and supply chain Clients – it can improve WMS productivity, efficiency and security.   

Seamless Transition   

With our solutions, shifting from one operating system to another is easy. Choosing a reliable window to android migration solutions minimises unexpected downtimes and transfers all business-critical applications, even green screen software. With STI’s advanced solution, a business can expect reduced downtime and a boost in operational productivity.  

Wide Range of Hardware  

Migrating to android means businesses can access a far more extensive and diverse selection of devices essential to regulate business operations – the latest mobile computers, tablets, Android scanning devices and other portable business-ready devices.  

About STI 

Sonar Technologies International is the leading provider of Android migration, modernization and automation for supply chain warehouses. Over the years, STI’s team has developed the platform and processes to make mobile device migrations and modernization easy for warehouses, transport & logistics, retail, manufacturing companies and their employees.  

We are proudly recognised among leading logistics and warehousing business for improving delivery without modifying backend system. Sonar tech has ample knowledge and experience in industry to support with the migration to android 

Other than migration solutions, several leading businesses rely on us for warehouse management system – streamlines material flow in warehouse and make operation more efficient. Our innovative and integrated solutions minimise downtime and offer asset maintenance.  

STI is headquartered in Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia and has multiple offices across Australia. For more information, visit or follow us all social media channels.