Stylish Wardrobe Design Ideas For London Homeowners

Fitted wardrobes are assets to every home, regardless of size. Everyone needs some space to store clothes and essentials, and their best companion would be a fitted wardrobe. You have many design options, including sliding, hinged, loft, or mirrored. However, we mostly think of their practical side fitted bedroom furniture rather than their decorative side, which also has relevance. 

The needs of each individual are contrasting as some lean toward an absolute minimum and simplistic one. In contrast, others need to have substantial luxurious bespoke fitted wardrobes. Here we can discuss some of the stylish wardrobe design ideas perfect for homes in London.

Stylish Wardrobe Design Ideas For London Homeowners

Wardrobes are not anymore just furniture as they have become quite an integral part of the bedroom and define the beauty quotient of the room. As times have changed, people are now interested in bringing home stylish wardrobe designs which can create an impact inside their homes. Let’s look at some stylish wardrobe designs under different categories, which may be perfect for London homeowners.

  • Pearl White Glass Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe & Oak Rails

If you are looking for Fitted Wardrobes for your kids’ room, this is just the one for you. The cabinet is a compact one that keeps everything organised. The oak rails along the white glass make it look bright and beautiful. The pearl white finish is perfect for small rooms as it creates the look of more space inside your room. They are easy to clean and can fit in almost every area.

  • Spacious Floor To Ceiling Walk-In Wardrobes

If you have much space in your interiors, you can go for a floor to ceiling walk-in wardrobe. You can have a custom vanity area with a dressing table with makeup lighting and a cultivated velvet chair for better looks. In addition, you will have shoe storage shelves with slanted racks to display all of your footwear. The open shelving allows you to plan to keep your accessories and clothing stored and see them at a glance.

  • High Gloss Glass Walk-In Wardrobe

As the name suggests, the high gloss glass Walk-in Wardrobes look remarkably bright compared to the typical low gloss wardrobes with a regular finish. Gloss facades look luxurious, which undoubtedly attracts attention. You can choose dark tones like dark brown, blue, and purple as they will perfectly blend in with traditional and modern layouts.

Every bedroom reflects the personality of the individual who lives there. Our artisans exquisitely handcraft inspired Elements. Inspired Elements transforms your wardrobe ideas into an elegant reality. Our wardrobe designs are made based on your storage space per room. Be it a bedroom or living room furniture. Our fitted wardrobes ideas are constructed to your practical requirements with built-in sections and cabinets in your closets—Book a free design visit & call 0203 397 8387 to know more.