Women experience various health issues that are specific to their gender. From women at home to women in the workforce, every woman goes through menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and multiple other health issues that require attention. Along with changes in the body, women tend to be subjected to diseases like breast cancer and reproductive health issues. Keeping all that into the picture, the solution put forward by multiple professionals is regular health checkup, flexible work culture for working women, and, most importantly, consuming nutrients and supplements that keeps them fit and healthy. 

One such company constantly working and making women aware of their health and wellness is GNC Holdings, Inc, expanding its product portfolio by promoting health and wellness in women. Partnering with Hes and Womaness and The Honest Company, GNC honored National Women’s Health Month and women in general. 

Honoring the National Women’s Health Month

To honor National Women’s Health Month and encourage women to invest in their own health and well-being through all stages of life, GNC expanded its women’s health portfolio. The collaboration includes products from The Honest Company and items from staple women’s brands, Hers® and Womaness.

GNC launched six products from The Honest Company – including three supplements and three topicals in March 2022, which is also National Women’s Health Month. Zeroed in primarily on new and expectant mothers, the following items are currently available at GNC.com and in select stores:

  • Glow On Body Cream
  • Rock The Bump Body Butter
  • Glow On Body Oil
  • Love The Tatas Postnatal Lactation Plus
  • Love The Bump Prenatal Once Daily
  • Think Ahead Pre+Postnatal DHA

Introducing six bestselling prenatal and postnatal items to consumers who already trust GNC to inform their health decisions is a significant step in the right direction in making women’s well-being more accessible and convenient to all. The company is helping satisfy its mission of empowering everyone to consciously love living.

Additionally, GNC also partnered and offers products from its lines with Hers® and Womaness at GNC.com and in select GNC retail locations:

  • Hers Thickening Shampoo
  • Hers Thickening Conditioner
  • Hers Minoxidil Foam
  • Womaness MeNoPause
  • Womaness Active Glow
  • Womaness Let Me Sleep
  • Womaness Gone in A Hot Flash

These items balance the women’s well-being portfolio at GNC, including fan favorites like Alani Nu.

Providing great science-based items in their domestic and international franchise locations and digital online business platforms, the company insightfully formulates supplements promoting a healthy way of life. With its expansion, they have set another benchmark in helping itself become the native brand to assist individuals with becoming aware of the healthy way of life and its advantages to their way of life and life expectancy.

Journeying Since 1935- Helping People Live a Healthy Life

GNC Holdings, Inc is a company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was established in 1935 by David Shakarian. The excursion dates back to 87 years ago when the company chose to exclusively work for individuals’ better physical health, accelerating gradually and effectively in the health and well-being industry. The company began as a small health food store in Lackzoom, downtown Pittsburgh. The small progress of the proprietor making US$35, transformed into the company today having approximately 4100 stores in 65 nations. This motivated David to open another store after six months of earning the minor achievement. Then he began a mail request business in shipping healthy food varieties to advance the well-being and make individuals aware of the same. Unfortunately, the store was cleared out only for the better because of the Ohio Stream flooding back then.

In the 1960s, GNC began its massive expansion with health food varieties, vitamins, and prescription medications throughout the USA. Notwithstanding, the business’ vision to advance physical wellness and know about its connection with one’s mental health assisted the company with venturing help regarding expansion and benefit-based achievement. In May 1985, Jerry Horn was appointed as the new President after Shakarian’s downfall. GNC was then privatized and offered to Thomas H. Lee Partners in the late 1980s. In the following years, in the 20s, GNC became a stable company after going public in 2011. Fast forward to late 2021, GNC announced a partnership with Walmart. It currently aims to expand its retail and online stores with considerably more significant and better alliances and collaborations later on. 

With its strong motives in promoting health and well-being among women, the brand has gained a significant fan base, helping boost women to live healthy and prosperous lives. 


It is common that in everyday life, most women think that they are occasionally doing really great. They might think that doing everyday chores or eating healthy is enough to take care of themselves. Basically, it is not enough, and every human body needs some extra care for their moods, their body or their environment. Many types of care impact women’s health, for example, physically, mentally or spiritually. Experts have found while researching that each woman faces different experiences in their body. Like some women crave physical wellness or care for themselves, others might look for mental peace and rely more on mental health care to maintain their body wellness. Moreover, the remaining percentage of women rely more on finding spiritual harmony, giving them extra care and satisfaction. However, each type of healthcare and well is important for a perfect body. There are habits and activities involved in everyday life that help every woman to take care of themselves and their wellbeing. In order to keep maintenance of everything, they need to practice more good habits, learn new things, and bring improvements in physical activities so they can stay healthy.


As per scientific research, the researchers have found that over 30-40% of females match the criteria for a healthy lifestyle. The remaining women do not get scored or understand to take care of themselves for a healthy living. Some women control their habits like eating, drinking, alcohol, exercising or other activities to maintain their wellness along with maintaining mental peace. Many women rely more on exercises, such as jogging, skipping, running, walking or dancing, which help to boost antioxidants that are great for maintaining body wellness along with mental happiness. The main cause of not taking care of your body is about not moving from one place to another, just doing boring household chores and not focusing on maintaining body language. It can be huge harm when women do not focus on their wellness to live a healthy lifestyle. However, maintaining a lifestyle plays the biggest role in health and wellness. 


A solution for taking personal care of women is to prioritize exercising with daily life routines. Doing exercises on daily purposes helps you a lot in being strong, preventing heart diseases, helps you maintain muscles and mind activeness. Exercises do not only affect the outer body parts of women, exercises help you also boost your inner body, which is helpful in many ways. It is beneficial in every way to give you mental peace and maintain your bone health. Every woman should keep a limited time in their routines, such as morning time or evening time, whatever suits her best for a person. They must spend 30 to 45 minutes regularly doing some exercises and get help to maintain their health. Setting up daily routines also plays an important role in women’s health care and wellness. Doing every task with a solid schedule is the best thing to follow for a healthy lifestyle. It increases your ability to do more things in a day, maintain your life, and enjoy some break time.