Well being now plays a bigger consider the sport than ever before, giving healers a greater function to play. Caves of Donn – What Evil Lurks: Mission now fails if you don’t keep the foreans alive. The Maligo Base mission ‘One way Journey’ now has an added goal to talk with Demolitionist Maybauer. Added new Operation: Sanctus Grotto. All of the Trinity Bridge Logos Conduits now require the participant to have the person Logos Stone to function it. Beforehand, certain conduits allowed a participant to operate it regardless of having the logos stone in possession. Plateau – “The Stainless Steel Bloodhound” – Mission will now fail if escort dies. Plateau – “The Stainless Steel Bloodhound” – Escort now solely drops junk loot if killed. Signature Skills now have 5-minute cooldown timers. This may increasingly have resulted in a change in your character’s armor appearance.

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