Morocco is a land of many wonders ;  from awe-inspiring landscapes to a riveting culture and heritage. Traditional craftsmanship & unique handicraft designs form an integral part of the Moroccan cultural heritage. One can easily find & genuinely appreciate these elements after experiencing the best shopping in Marrakech. The city where the best parts of Morocco find a home in the vivacious souks & spirited Square.

The visuals of the different shops, the sound of the hustle & bustle, & the mouthwatering fragrance of local street food collide in a mesmerizing harmony that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. When you visit Marrakech; you should take your time to browse through the wide selection of traditional handicrafts & take the best souvenirs home. 

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The Best Moroccan Handicrafts

  • Moroccan carpets: The rugs you find in the souks of Marrakech often tell stories & local tales through their bold colors & intricate patterns. Primary colors & geometric patterns are the most common in Moroccan tapestry.The carpets are usually handmade by women using traditional knotting techniques; that find their roots in the Amazigh culture.

  • Leatherware: Leather is a prized good in Moroccan culture, & the tanneries in Marrakech are an excellent example. It is gilded & transformed into a vast variety of products like bags, satchels, wallets, sandals, & book covers by incredible dyers, tanners, & leatherworkers. Take the best shopping tours in Marrakech to learn all about leather-making from skilled artisans in the local tanneries. 
  • Lanterns: Marrakech boasts some of the best lantern makers in the world. The delicate metalwork shines through the exquisite lanterns found in the souks of the Red City. The most popular lanterns & candelabras are the ones with colorful glass inserted in the pattern that reflect light beautifully when lit.
  • Jewelry: The handmade jewelry of Morocco has been around for centuries &, even today, remains trendy among locals & tourists alike. You’ll find everything from elegant gold & silver jewelry to brightly colored beads.

    The traditional handmade jewelry from the Amazigh & Berber cultures is especially popular. Your Marrakech tour guide will take you to the best jewelry souks near the Jemaa el-Fna square.
  • Ceramics and Pottery: The pottery designs stem from Amazigh & Andalusian culture, while some techniques include Moorish & Berber influence. You will find a wide variety of ceramics, including simple designs, glazed pottery, colorful pots with black designs, & enameled ornamental pottery.

Souks You Must Visit

Some of the hundreds of souks in Marrakech offer the best quality products. To have the most memorable experience of the best shopping in Marrakech, make sure you visit these souks:

Souk Semmarine: It is the heartbeat of the Marrakech souks, located to the north of Jemaa el-Fna. This souk district is the largest of all in the marketplace; full of locals & tourists all the time, & has been a trading hub for over a millennium.

You will find various products here – pastries, pottery, high-quality fabrics, kaftans, pashminas, invaluable antique furniture, jewelry, carpets, etc. Souk Semmarine forks into two separate souks at the end – Souk Nejjarine and Souk El-Kebir.

Souk Chouari: Here, traders sell products made by skilled craftsmen trained in cabinet marking and basket weaving. The dual pannier palm fiber basket that donkeys carry gave rise to the name Chouari.

Artisans use all of their knowledge & creativity to create contemporary shapes & decorative motifs. Various items, such as chess boards, jewelry boxes, coffee tables, polished animal sculptures, & salad bowls, are crafted from freshly cut pine and cedar.

Souk Sebbaghine: It is one of Marrakech’s most well-known & stunning souks, so make sure your Marrakech tour guide takes you here. Located to the southwest of the main souk area, here you will find wool skeins & silk threads in every color imaginable because it is the dyers’ souk!

Souk Kimakhine: If you want to see the traditional Maghrebi musical instruments, such as rababs (fiddles), darbukas (metal or clay goblet drums), qanuns (zithers), ouds (lutes), etc., you must visit this souk. The shopkeepers even let the visitors try the instruments. 

Souk Smata: One thing you must buy and take home with you is the traditional Moroccan babouches. These slippers are made of soft leather & are both trendy & comfortable. The brightly colored slippers are available in different styles; some are embellished with complex embroidery & radiant sequins, some have carved patterns, & others are simple yet beautiful in a variety of bright colors. 

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