Commercial window tinting in Sydney can be a significant investment. However, taking proper care of window films can improve their expected lifespan and ensure the best value for your money. Here’s how to clean and maintain your tinted commercial windows:

Allow the Tint to Cure Completely

Before cleaning or any maintenance, ensure the window film has entirely cured after installation. The type of window film used, the weather conditions and the area where the film has been installed play a critical role in determining how quickly and efficiently the window film dries completely. Ask your Sydney window tinting installer when it is the right time to clean the windows.

Use the Right Cleaning Materials

If tinted window films are not cleaned correctly, they can cause scratches or other damages. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that suitable cleaning clothes are used. For example, certain towels or paper towels may scratch the film. So instead, the glass window cleaning professional will use a microfibre cloth or soft sponge to clean the tinted windows. You can also use a rubber squeegee or a dry microfibre cloth to dry the windows.

Harsh Chemical-Based Cleansers are a Big No-No

The type of cleanser used is just as important as your chosen cleaning product. Glass cleaners are the best buy as they typically work well on most window films. The cleaner should be ammonia-free as ammonia can damage the UV coating or discolour it. A solution made of vinegar and water removes stains and fingerprints without causing any damage.

How Often Should You Clean Window Films?

The frequency of cleaning after commercial window tinting in Sydney can depend on several factors –

  • Location: If the commercial building is located near busy roads or highways, it will likely accumulate more dust and dirt.
  • Climate: An area with heavy snow or rainfall would require more frequent window cleaning.
  • Type of building: Regular cleaning is essential if your commercial building or storefront witnesses heavy footfalls, such as medical offices or retail stores.

The Final Words

Efficient cleaning and maintenance are vital in improving window film’s aesthetic value, performance and longevity. Hire only a professional Sydney window tinting installation & cleaning company like Northshore Window Tinting that can perform the job with utmost care and precision.