The Tata Signa 4830.T truck is top-rated and one of the more appropriate trucks for the transportation business. This truck has excellent features that can do various transportation jobs and never break the customer’s trust. The Tata Signa 4830 T truck engine is manufactured with highly advanced technological solutions that provide outstanding working efficiency with low fuel consumption. 


This truck is the ideal example of power and mileage and has a unique place among all the fleet operators. In addition, the price range of this truck is also valuable according to the customers’ needs. 


Highlighted Points Of The Tata Signa 4830.T Truck 


  • This truck is powerful and comes with ISBe 6.7 300 BS6 engine that provides superb performance. 


  • The engine of this 4830.T Truck can quickly generate 1100 Nm of maximum torque, which is helpful for various transportation works. 


  • The steering type of this truck is power steering, and it has a G1150 – 9 Forward & 1 reverse gearbox that provides a quick response. 


  • The GVW of this truck is 47500 Kg, and it provides 80 Kmph of super-maximum speed.


  • This truck has Full S Cam Air Brake with Automatic slack adjuster brakes with parking brakes that provide adequate grip on the road. 


  • The fuel tank of this truck is 375 Litres, providing 300 HP engine power. 



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