YouTube is among the top video-sharing platforms, and the more than 3 billion active users watch videos created by channels that can make their presence known with your YouTube neon logo. Making a strong brand is just one part of the challenge to identify the ideal options to create a logo for your YouTube Channel.

Here you will get the most famed YouTube logos right now on the search engines are as follows: 


The video game’s commentator Evan Fong has created a new gaming logo for YouTube. The first logo was his initials, set against a black background. The new logo has an owl’s head in gold or white, with the owl’s head and face creating the V.


YouTubers usually choose to use their logos as initial designs because it is an easy method to design usable strategies and even an image.

Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes

It is a channel that caters to children with nursery rhymes; Cocomelon is a bright and adorable logo that goes well with its primarily young viewers. The logo is an image of a watermelon, which also appears like a set of televisions with an antenna. It is adorned with stunning design elements that give viewers an idea about what the content will be about.


The Markiplier logotype is a uni-coloured, white M designed to look like faces and a moustache that is bushy and pink. The YouTuber is well-known for his gaming-related videos and colourful commentary. His logotype is vibrant and vibrant, similar to his persona.

5-minute Crafts

What are you thinking of when you think of the lightbulb? You believe you likely consider it intelligent or bright thoughts, right?

Five minutes Crafts employs an illustrated logo, which uses the self-explanatory symbols or universal ones. This is done to symbolize the fun of their DIY channel. The brand uses primary colours such as yellow and blue to create a vivid colour scheme.


World Wrestling Entertainment is best recognized for its wrestling videos. It features violent and edgy videos, represented through the potent wordmark symbol. The brand’s logo design comprises two Ws on top of each other and is outlined by a red streak. The font resembles lightning and scratches that convey the roughness and roughness in the game.

Canal KondZilla

The channel is one of the top YouTube accounts across Latin America. The brain behind the track is an established screenwriter and director known as Konrad Dantas. The channel’s logo is excellent typography, which uses an edgy font and a simple sans serif font to provide contrast.


Daniel Middleton, the Diamond Minecart, or DanTDM, is famous for his Minecraft videos on YouTube. In keeping with his name, his logo has always used the diamond as the centre area. Other variations include rainbow flags as backgrounds for the month of pride and yellow-golden costumes for Halloween.

Justin Bieber

Who hasn’t heard of Justin Bieber’s hit song from 2009 Baby? This young musician is all grown up using the handwritten logo. This is a refined version of the logo he created in 2015, but this time it has sharper edges and more strokes.

Dude Superb!

The Dude Perfect logo is what might be called a letter mark logo, and the logo uses brand initials as the main focus of the design. The symbol for this channel is an attractive silhouette due to its bold style and lively strokes.

Like Nastya

The child-friendly content creator sports a neon-themed logo that gives the logo the appearance of glowing light. The design is also combined with a playful colour scheme, including yellow, blue and pink.

Shane Dawson

Many fans love it. Some love it, while others find it ugly. The new photo includes a head of a pig and his initials at the centre in the word “Y’ rather than the image of the pyramid.

Tin Can Brothers Tin Can Brothers

The Tin Can Bros is a comedy channel headquartered in Los Angeles. The logo is among the cool YouTube logos which are simple but easily identifiable. It’s fun, memorable, and instantly linked to this comedy channel—everything you would expect to find in a YouTube icon.


YouTube’s popular Marshmallow has come up with a famous YouTuber logo. The smiley face, with crossed-out eyes and a cheery smile, is so renowned that it’s challenging to call Marshmallow anything other than a dog. He has over 45 million subscribers through his YouTube channel.

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Smosh is a US sketch comedy channel in the United States. It was created in 2002 by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla 2002. The logo was created by the former Smosh co-founder Padilla for the channel’s inaugural 10th-anniversary celebration in 2017.


YouTube YouTuber MrBeast has an image that depicts a blue tiger with an eye-catching thunderbolt. The tattoo was presented to MrBeast by an account on Twitter to celebrate the milestone of 10 million followers. He is well-known as a viral entrepreneur, his philanthropy and his iconic tiger image.


Fernanfloo is known for his gameshow videos and wild actions. It makes sense that his logo includes them, though in a cartoon-like form.

Philip De Franco

Philip De Franco is a news commentator who covers everything from current news to pop culture; therefore, it’s unclear what his logo ties to his channel or personality.

Gone with the Wynns

Many travel video bloggers (and plenty of videos on YouTube currently) employ pictures of themselves on exotic vacations in their YouTube logos. The logo of this channel from Jason, along with Nikki Wynn, can’t be described as revolutionary.


JackSepticEye’s YouTube brand logo for his channel, which also serves as his mascot, is Septic Sam, Septiceye Sam or simply Sam. Sam is a massive green eye with an iris of blue and tiny dark-green veins running throughout his interior.

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