When working at heights the risk of falling is always present due to various factors such as fragile structure, no anchoring support, unreliable makeshift equipment, lack of proper training and more. According to the 2020 NCRB report, falls from heights is the second leading cause of accidental injuries and deaths with 10949 cases of which 170 are injuries and 11062 are deaths.

So the question to ask here is, “How can we lower the staggering number of deaths?”
The answer is simple. Companies should take ownership in ensuring the availability of safety equipment, providing relevant training to workers and Governing bodies intervening to ensure all safety protocols are followed by companies.

It is the duty of employers to provide a safe working environment for employees. Safety must always be a priority, and the right work at height equipment must be chosen so that those risks can be mitigated.

Aluminium Scaffolding Systems are erected to support workers during construction, inspection, maintenance, or repair work on the interior or exterior of a building or structure. Construction or repair sites deploy Aluminium Scaffold Systems such as Tower Scaffolding Systems, Cantilever Scaffolding Systems, Bridge Scaffolding Systems and Podium Scaffolding Systems.

1. Tower Scaffolding System:

An Aluminium Scaffolding Tower System features two frames in a plan that can be connected transversely to make one bay of scaffolding, or four vertical standards connected longitudinally and transversely. To increase stability, it may have extra, outriggers or a short stabiliser bay. Here are some commonly used Aluminium Scaffolding Systems: Stairway Mobile Scaffolding, Narrow Aluminium Scaffolding System, Wide Aluminium Scaffolding System, Extra Wide Aluminium Scaffolding System, Aardwolf QuickLift, and Mlift Stairway Platform.
The Stairway Mobile Scaffolding and The Mlift Stairway Platform is used both interior and outdoor to carry out inspection, maintenance and repair tasks such as false ceiling, electrical fittings, painting works, fixing cladding and more. The equipment provides a reliable, stable, and safe platform for frequent climbing and descending of workers with bulky and/or heavy loads.

The Narrow Aluminium Scaffolding System is the ideal equipment for confined spaces, especially for access on staircases, escalators, or travelators.
The Wide Aluminium Scaffolding System and Extra Wide Aluminium Scaffolding System provide access to greater heights and cover a larger area, thereby increasing efficiency at the worksite.
The Aardwolf QuickLift is a powered aluminium scaffolding system that helps access height with maximum safety at the same time enhancing workplace productivity.
Typical applications of tower scaffolding include construction, inspection, maintenance and repair across diverse industries.

2. Cantilever Scaffolding System:

Cantilever Scaffolding Systems, are customised and engineered to overcome obstacles that prevent a scaffolding tower from being built or to reduce the chances of damage to the structure beneath it. Aluminium Cantilever Scaffolding is also called single frame type scaffolding. With a Cantilever Scaffolding System, you can carry out inspections, maintenance, and repair tasks. The system is designed to work around structures. It saves the hassle of moving the fixed structure, thereby saving time and money.
For instance, it can be used in a factory where the ceiling above the machine can be repaired without moving the machine. These steps are taken with the utmost safety and at the same time provide stability.

3. Bridge Scaffolding System:
The Bridge Scaffolding System is a specialised Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding System that is customised as per the site’s unique requirements. As the name suggests, the structure looks like a bridge, with two towers connected to a long platform. The system allows for better access and does not hinder movement beneath the platform.

The assembly and dismantling of the bridge are quick and easy, enabling safety and productivity at the site. The bridge scaffold is lightweight, which in turn makes it easy to transport the system. It can be used across varied industries to match applications to access a larger expanse of the area or over the obstruction, for example, to repair the ceiling over a conveyor belt.

4. Podium Scaffolding System:
OSHA requires that fall protection be provided at elevations of four feet in general industry workplaces. The Aluminium Podium Tower provides low-level access solutions that are easy to assemble and use. It offers safe and efficient access to working areas and eliminates the need for awkward and clunky step ladders.

Mlift Ladder Platform and Project Dost Plus are also medium-duty aluminium scaffolding systems that offer access to lower heights. The above systems are primarily used in commercial and residential construction and maintenance. Some of the features of these systems are that they are easy to handle and can be assembled by a single person. Another great feature of all the scaffolding systems is that they are lightweight and anti-corrosive in nature. The benefits make this system perfect for inspection, maintenance and repair.

In addition to falls, it is important to consider other hazards from working at a height. These hazards sometimes go unseen until it is too late, such as tools and equipment falling from height. To ensure safety in such scenarios, the right measures must be taken.

Mtandt is the leading manufacturer of aluminium scaffolding systems, available for rent and sale. We engineer and customize these systems in accordance with the site’s particular specifications to ensure enhanced stability, safety, and productivity.

Aluminium scaffolding is lightweight, easy to erect and dismantle, anti-corrosive and cost-effective solution. In conclusion, this makes the scaffolding system a preferred choice across various industries to construct, inspect, maintain and repair.

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