For a country’s safety from armed foreign forces, it is absolutely vital to strengthen the Defence Sector to protect its citizens. It can only safeguard the nation by developing industry and science led solutions that stand the test of battles.
Mtandt Group has been researching, developing and delivering products that could aid the country’s most strategic defence sector with a wide range of solution, which includes:-


FIBREGLASS MATS, as known as Rapid Runway Repair Mats, are constructed of rigid fibreglass panels connected by flexible polyurethane elastomer hinges. The Indian Air Force (IAF) use Reinforced Folded Fiberglass Mats to quickly rebuild runways and airfields destroyed by enemy bombs during wars or natural disasters.

After a bomb crater has been filled with stones, rubble, or dirt, foldable fiberglass mats would be used to level off the top of the crater. A single folding fiberglass mat could cover an area of 18 meters by 16 meters.

Fibreglass mats are commonly used for automobile and boat projects in addition to the defence industry.



PORTADECK is India’s most powerful interlocking mat, designed to disperse exceptionally heavy loads over a vast area. These heavy-duty composite mats aid in the formation of reliable access roads and staging areas for the placement of equipment. Even in the most marshy ground conditions, these temporary access mats outperform heavy-duty vehicles because they do not sink

Mtandt provides heavy-duty composite mats for transporting heavy cargo and equipment through soft and swampy land. It is an ideal application across construction, oil and gas, power, substations, transmission lines, and pipeline sectors.


PORTAMAT is a high-density polyethene composite construction mat made up of interconnected mats. To approach roads and platforms, this ground protection mat can be easily erected by hand. An HDPE mat is a low-cost access mat that is resistant to chemicals, mildew, decay, and the sun. The mats are used to get entry to unprepared areas, desert and beach sand, and grass turfs. On soft and sandy soil, Portamat makes it easier for vehicles and pedestrians to move around.

Portamat are also commonly used as event floorings in beaches, deserts, garages and parking spaces.



Ground stabilization technologies such as PORTAPAD, commonly known as outrigger pads, are designed to withstand severe pressures. They aid in the distribution of intense loads over a broader surface, lowering the risk of equipment damage and accidents. These construction pads will last for years without bending, cracking, rusting, or rotting because they optimize flexural strength and load distribution capabilities.

The Outrigger Pads for equipment with outriggers are low-weight with high load-bearing capability. Outrigger pads don’t just keep the vehicle or machine from tumbling; they also keep it from sinking into the soft subsoil. The pad is enabled for load distribution and stability. Apart from being HDPE Outrigger Pads, Porta Pads are also used for crane operations.

Porta pads are also known to reduce the impact on the topsoil and vegetation, improving restoration efforts after removal, flooring and walkways. 



PORTACELLS are three-dimensional honeycombs of polymeric strips filled with locally available granular material like sand, reclaimed asphalt, soil, fly ash, and so on. The system increases the pavement’s load-bearing capacity and improves its performance. This innovation is an excellent choice for soil stabilization and ground reinforcement in a variety of applications.

Geocell is a perfect choice for soil stabilization and ground reinforcement since it provides long-term performance for pavement construction to the movement of vehicles and goods. Ports, yards, railways, airports, roads, creating stabilized slopes, and retaining walls are all examples of applications.

With ever-growing concerns for national security, it is lighthearted to take security for granted. Irrespective of the nature/area of its deployment, whether in defense, law enforcement, businesses etc., it is important to continue developing and improving on new technologies to help all of us who depend on the safety these systems provide to lead a peaceful life.

In addition to their wide use in private and public sectors, Mtandt believes that the solutions can be used to bridge the gap in the defense industry.

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