Professional workmen are involved in various types of projects across the globe that are subject to high-risk work environments. This is evidenced in almost every industry. Working on roofs, unprotected sides and edges, high-rise construction, wind farms, solar farms, among other things, pose a high fall hazard in these workplaces.

The statistics related to slips, trips and falls in the workplace are staggering – nearly 16 million fall injuries occur each year (as of 2021). It’s no surprise that slips, trips, and falls can cost employers millions of dollars in insurance claims, threaten employee safety, and reduce productivity at work.

Workplace safety has been a key point of focus for innovation and implementation when it comes to promoting worker efficiency. Mtandt is at the top of its sector in the development of specialized safety solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each project. Our flagship division TsaF – Tactical Safety for Access & Falls is renowned across industries for Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead Lifeline safety systems along with Aluminium Walkway Systems, Barricade Systems and Flowlok Ladder Systems.

  1. Vertical Lifeline Systems:

A vertical lifeline allows movement up and down the entire height of the line, eliminating the need to disconnect and find new tie-off points while climbing up or down from a tower or ladder.

Cable, Rail or Rope based fall arrest systems are installed at Refineries, Boiler/Cooling Towers, Power Transmission lines, Oil Rigs & Platforms where there is a risk of slips and trips on walking levels that could be caused due by uneven, wet or oily surfaces, weather hazards and more.

In addition to roofing and ladder climbing, vertical lifeline assemblies are also commonly used in general construction and tower climbing. Fall arrest systems are designed to stop a worker who is about to fall and to stop their body from falling and are mostly used in fall restraint situations.

  1. Horizontal Lifeline Systems:

Construction, maintenance, utilities, and the oil and gas industries continue to suffer from fatal falls from height. The Horizontal Lifeline System is a fall restraint and a personal fall arrest system. These systems are structurally light-weight compared to fabricated steel made systems and much more durable, with higher corrosion resistance and tensile strength.

Horizontal Lifeline System is more suitable for Flat or Sloped Roof Top working for inspection, maintenance and repair of solar panel and more, Aircraft Hangars, Stadiums/Arena etc,  based upon a fall restraint and personal fall arrest system component which eliminates the need for workers to unclip themselves allowing ease of movement between anchor points using an inbuilt automatic pass-through structure keeping both hands free to use.

Additionally, the systems are used for various applications, such as maintenance of bridges, construction, erection of steel structures, roof maintenance, railcars, loading docks, overhead cranes, aircraft hangars, and construction sites that are temporarily constructed.

  1. Overhead Lifeline Systems:

 The overhead lifeline system provides continuous fall protection for users in exposed workplaces. It provides safety for areas where overhead protection is needed through a variety of Fall Arrest Systems.

This personal fall avoidance equipment allows workers to safely cover more distance without requiring to stop or pause to constantly reattached to new anchor points across a vast project area such as cargo loading and unloading docks at railway, roadway, logistics, manufacturing and sea cargo ports. The structure is also designed to be corrosion-resistant and easily customizable to meet ever-growing business and operational demands.

  1. Barricade System:

 One solution to enable a safe environment that allows both workers and clients to safely navigate the project site is a Barricade System.

More commonly used to mitigate fall hazards are roof guardrails and mesh nets in commercial, domestic as well as industrial settings, enabling all authorized personnel to freely move within the designated perimeters.

Mtandt provides the option to select from aluminium based free-standing and fixed guardrails according to respective project needs, that require very little maintenance over the years. Easily customizable and installed for Roof Hatch Monitoring, Skylight Guarding, Roof Perimeter and Warehouse Traffic Lane management.

  1. Flowlok Ladder System:

Projects requiring frequent access to the roof, where there are no stable ladders or climbing structures available can supremely benefit from Flowlok Ladder Systems. The system can be easily set up using commercially available fasteners.

In the event of a fall, the trolley immediately locks over the railing preventing the fall. Made of high-grade galvanised steel with ribbed anti-slip rungs Flowlok Ladders are ideal for Power Transmission Towers, Communication Towers, Oil Rigs & Platforms where there is a higher fall risk due to the compact dimensions of such infrastructure. The applications the systems are fixed on are high and are meant to prevent leaks from water filtration systems.

  1. Aluminium Walkway System:

 Aluminium Walkway System is a dedicated pathway for the repair and maintenance of roofs installed by trained professionals.

For fragile/slippery surfaces, more commonly found on roofs, repair/maintenance work of solar panels/equipment, residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Aluminium walkway systems provide permanent and safe access across the workspace. The structures are designed as heavy load bearing and durable to enable trained maintenance professionals to access machinery or equipment along with the heavy repair tools and instruments safely and efficiently.

Keeping customers safe at the project sites is also a top priority. A worker’s injury at the site can not only result in expensive litigation but harm the business reputation, leaving long-term impacts on your bottom line. Businesses must ensure that they provide the appropriate safety practices, training, equipment, and protocol to stop or prevent workplace injuries or effectively address said issue once identified.

Although statistics can be alarming, the range of safety solutions offered by Mtandt helps your business prevent workplace injuries significantly when implemented thoroughly. In such high-risk work environments, TsaF’s lifeline solutions act as the first line of defence for all fall protection and prevention.

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