A wedding is the most beautiful moment of everyone’s life, and every one of us wants to enjoy this moment and wants to make it unforgettable. In this article, we are going to discuss the best wedding venues in Memphis Tn, here the word best does not mean beautiful and fascinating; it has a vast meaning; it means the platform should be the best from every perspective, like services, guidelines, and from a money point of view. Different venues have different properties; in this article, we will find out which wedding venue is suitable for you and which is best for you according to your requirements.

Avon acres

Avon acres is the newly designed wedding venue in the heart of Memphis city; it consists of 58,000 square feet, a vast area for wedding ceremonies. It is conveniently situated 20 minutes away from Memphis; as soon as you enter the Avon acres, you will catch by its beauty and its breathtaking scenery. It can accommodate 300 people for any ceremony. Avon acres is not only made for wedding ceremonies; it can also be used for private parties, meetings, and other different meet-ups. Avon acres has numerous services for their clients, making you stress-free during the whole function and enjoying the ceremony without thinking about the management. Avon acres also provide you with the following services

  1. Free parking
  2. Free wife service
  3. The venue also gives a cleanup service

The whole Avon acres are made wheelchair accessible; it is the most beautiful and fascinating place in Memphis. The ceremony’s expenditures depend upon the number of guests you have and the variety of food.

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Sheraton Memphis Downtown hotel

Sheraton Memphis downtown is a breathtaking place for marriage and other events; Sheraton Memphis is not only designed to attend marriage parties; instead, it is used for different kinds of events. Memphis airport is 12 miles away from the Sheraton Memphis Downtown hotel, which is very useful for guests from outside states. It covers an area of ​​more than 16,000 square feet; it can accommodate 320 people in the hall. Newlywed couples and other guests can also stay in the hotel rooms, which are very neat and clean. The best advantage of the Sheraton Memphis downtown hotel is that they have professional wedding planners who help them decide on the menu, lighting, and stage management. They also have different services for their clients given below

  1. Indoor event space
  2. Covered outdoor space
  3. Wireless internet
  4. On-site accommodation
  5. They also have services of bar drinks, cakes, food, and drinks

Sheraton Memphis Downtown hotel has a catering service, and most importantly, they have staff who work during the whole ceremony to make it a special one for you.

Memphis Brook Museum of art

Memphis Brook Museum of art is used to celebrate wedding ceremonies and other special occasions. This historic and fascinating building compels you to spend the most beautiful and meaningful day of your life in the Memphis Brook Museum of arts. The beautiful building and different settings of the historic building make the day for all the guests and newlywed couples. This museum has the word class art inside it; people love seeing that kind of stuff. Memphis Brook Museum of art is not only made for a sizeable tented wedding; you can also book it for small intimate functions and other gathering purposes. It has a capacity of 400 people and a minimum as you want. It does not have wireless internet and covered outdoor space. There are different services given by the Memphis Brook Museum of art, which are given below

  1. It has an outdoor ceremony space
  2. It also has the indoor ceremony space
  3. The venue has a special kind of reception area
  4. Free parking is available

They also have the facilities of the bar and drink food and catering; they also provide you the pieces of equipment.

The Historic Cadre building

The Historic cadre building is an excellent place to get married due to its picturesque views and beautiful setting. It is not only made for wedding ceremonies; you can also book it for religious and non-religious ceremonies. It can accommodate more than 300 guests; you will feel the natural beauty as soon as you step into this beautiful and charming place. The historic cadre building provides different services, which are given below

  1. They provide you the wireless internet
  2. Indoor event space
  3. They also provide the dressing room for the newlywed couple, which is very helpful
  4. They also have the fabulous reception area

The outlay depends upon the package you have selected.