In Vedic astrology, Venus is the planet of love, and it represents love, beauty, and pleasure. It also defines your relationship to money, aesthetics, etc. Our Venus sign says a lot about the way we love and romance. How we flirt, display affection, fall in love, experience sensual pleasure… all these are influenced by Venus.

Venus gives good results when it transits through the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, eighth, ninth, eleventh, and twelfth houses. Venus is probably the only planet that gives good results in the maximum number of houses.

In June 2022, Venus will be transiting in the Taurus sign. Venus Transit in Taurus will occur at 08:06 AM on 18 June 2022. Let us see what is the influence of Venus during the Venus Transit 2022 as it transits through the different houses of the zodiac:

Venus Transit in First House

When Venus transits through the first house, it can bring more material comforts and pleasures to your life. Your bank balance may increase, and you can accomplish all your tasks. You may also spend time on charitable activities and serving others. Women may play a key role in your success.

Venus Transit in Second House

You may be physically fit. This transit is good for money matters, and you may get many material comforts. You may also receive support from your family, and women will help you achieve success. There will be an increased interest in music.

Venus Transit in Third House

This transit will increase your wealth. You may receive love and support from your life partner and friends. Good news may arrive. You may celebrate auspicious events in your family. There may be journeys for some important work.

Venus Transit in Fourth House

This transit may bring more happiness to your family life. You may accomplish all your tasks and make good decisions. You may get support from your brothers. You may buy a vehicle.

Venus Transit in Fifth House

During this transit, you may receive the support of your children and servants. Your wealth could multiply, and there may be great success at work. You may get to enjoy good food and other material comforts. You could become interested in the creative arts.

Venus Transit in Sixth House

You may face many losses. There may be conflicts with your life partner and friends. Health may be affected. Avoid immoral practices.

Venus Transit in Seventh House

You may face issues due to your life partner. You may feel tense and restless. Your children may have some health problems. You may get into bad company. Avoid immoral and unethical friends. This may reduce the transit’s malefic influence.

Venus Transit in Eighth House

You may become physically fit. You may get monetary benefits in the public sector. You could achieve success and wealth during this transit. Women may help you to succeed. You may get a good education. Your respect and honor in society will go up.

Venus Transit in Ninth House

This transit is auspicious as you may enjoy all material comforts. You may lead a moral life and become idealistic. You may become spiritual and go on pilgrimages. Your health may improve.

Venus Transit in Tenth House

You may face many conflicts. Your mind may become unstable, and you may feel unhappy. Your enemies may give you problems. Your bond with your spouse may not be good. Due to your vanity, your expenses could increase. People may lose respect for you.

Venus Transit in Eleventh House

This transit is good. It may bring success through your efforts. You may become interested in music and the creative arts. Your wealth may increase, and you may become a well-known personality in society.

Venus Transit in Twelfth House

You may become wealthy, go abroad, and enjoy material comforts. You may lead a luxurious life. Expenses may go up. Your business may see progress and expansion.