Electric cars and trucks are rapidly gaining popularity and even becoming mainstream.

Large Electric Dirt Bike
Large Electric Dirt Bike

This leads us to ask the question, what is the future of electric off-road vehicles and what impact do they have on supercross and motocross?


As electric vehicles become more and more mainstream, we will see this technology permeate other fossil-fueled vehicles, such as off-roaders.


If off-road vehicle manufacturers follow the lead of the automotive industry, then we will see a rapid increase in the popularity and choice of electric off-road vehicles. The technology is rapidly evolving and may soon reach a point where they are in many ways faster, more reliable and better than traditional gasoline powered off-road vehicles.


We’ve had a few off-road vehicle manufacturers making fun of prototype electric dirt bikes over the years, but so far they’ve remained a novelty in large, full-size electric dirt bikes. They are becoming normal and competitive in smaller bikes, especially for children.


An interesting question is: Will electric dirt bikes be safer?

In the KingChe, I think we will see electric dirt bikes racing at the top professional level when one of the manufacturers deems it worthwhile.


For kids racing on a motocross or supercross track …… I think the move to electric dirt bikes will be faster.


Motocross tracks in particular have been getting a lot of public attention in the last decade. One of the reasons they get hot is the noise, and electric motocross bikes solve that problem perfectly.


If you want your child to become a safe but successful motocross/supercross star, they need to find a place to practice. If you live in the city …… parents will have a hard time finding a track to practice motocross or supercross on. Or, even if you own land in the country but have neighbors, noise can be a major issue.


Now, I understand that noise isn’t the only issue surrounding motocross and supercross tracks, but I’m more interested in trying to help solve the problem rather than just complaining about it.


Would motocross bikes be more popular with the public if they didn’t make so much noise?


Kind of like a muddy BMX track? I have personally seen dirt BMX tracks behind people’s yards in regular neighborhoods. In fact, my neighbor doesn’t know that my kid rides his electric dirt bike in my backyard almost every day. I set up a trail for him on my 1/3 acre lot and he rides that track all the time. This has really helped him build his skills and confidence. It has directly impacted his skill level when riding a gas powered dirt bike.


So are electric dirt bikes the future?

Well, no one knows the future, but we are seeing a shift in the dirt bike industry. In my opinion, electric dirt bikes have a bigger place in our dirt bike world than we think. Especially when it comes to training the next generation of off-road riders.


I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I’m saying we need to give up our freedom. I’m certainly not giving up my 2-stroke dirt bike any time soon.


I mean, even if there are run time and recharge time issues with electric dirt bikes. I’m all for coming up with practical solutions to help our dirt bikers continue to do what we love to do and add a different dynamic to the sport.


I think electric dirt bikes can help us keep the gas powered dirt bikes we love so much for longer.


Only time will give the answer.