Jagex confirms that “a brand new experience that’ll play out as part the Elder God Wars storyline” will replace Duel Arena by the time 2022 begins RuneScape Gold, but no further details are available yet.While the impact of these modifications remains to be seen the effects of these changes are some of the strongest steps any studio has made to combat external abuse of its system for profit. If successful, similar measures could be seen across the MMO area in the future.

Jagex have announced after 18 years as the main PvP battleground, Duel Arena will be moving out of RuneScape and a brand new area will be added. RuneScape will soon introduce Het’s Oasis featuring a brand-new setting, new ways to earn skills and two brand-new mini-quests for players to try.

The game will begin today with Oasis Restoration participants will be tasked for the transformation and redevelopment of the Duel Arena following a cataclysmic earthquake that destroyed the arena. Players must work together to turn the decrepit arena from “a bloodthirsty battle pit where heroes have long staked their fortunes through one-on-1 matches as well as a serene place.”

Players will rebuild the area as they complete daily chores which will earn them rewards based on their progress. Those who take part in the community event will get exclusive rewards from the event which include a brand new name, a crocodile as a pet, the theme of deserts in cosmetic armour, as well as Gators’ shoes.

After the two-week community event, the rebuilt area will be known as Het’s Ozasis It will be a space for learning and exploration with OSRS Gold For Sale new instructional content that will help those who want to boost their Agility, Hunter and Farming skills.