Does it bother you when you have to find a picture for your blog? Let’s say you find it, but the problem is that you have to pay for these pictures. Well not anymore! Because we are here to give you the most convenient websites to find outstanding pictures and the Go-To FREE Image Resources For Content Creators & Freelancers. You can download free images for your daily use. How cool is that?

The Go-To FREE Image Resources for Content Creators and Freelancers

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You do not need to compromise on the visuals of your work, as well as it will not cost you a single penny. Without wasting another second, let’s dig right into the websites:


One of the greatest resources for free images is 123RF. Providing over 2 million free images and vectors to its users without any payment, 123RF has set the bar high. Creators who need daily visual content to put in their YouTube videos, blogs, or whatsoever can use this site without spending a dime.

123RF is an easy-to-go site. You can simply search for the site in your Google search bar and the website will pop up right away. And there you have the ultimate picture treasure without any copyright issues.


Let’s assume you are an entrepreneur having a storefront and want to redo your website to make your products and services appealing to the viewers but you do not have a professional photographer, the question is how will you redo your business site without a pro? Well, we live in a digital era of abundant online solutions and Unsplash is your solution. 

Unsplash is dedicated to photography stock. There are 16 billion photo impressions every month on Unsplash with 265,000 photographers. All the images available are free for commercial or personal use. Although there are no copyright strikes, giving credit to the original photographer is highly appreciated. 


Pixabay has more than 2.7 million pictures, audio, and footage and is another great resource for fetching copyright-free and royalty-free images. You can download unlimited image stock from pixabay. It also provides illustrations that can be used as the user may wish. You can download free images for your website logo, YouTube logo, e-commerce business visuals, blogs, and many more purposes.


Providing over 3 million images and videos, pexels is a great stop for you. You don’t need to worry about copyright strikes as pexels provides 100 percent copyright-free photos and videos. The other amazing thing about this outrageous website is that it provides watermark-free pictures so that you can own the content you download.


It would not be an understatement if you call reshot “the underrated gem”, because when it comes to Pictionary no one is doing it like reshot. It is the site where you can find thousands of desired pictures with the finest resolution and the highest quality.

Once you download a reshot you can use it for however long you want. It also has free formats for designing websites and you can customize your designs too.