Taking care of your car is an essential aspect of its life. You can do several things to take good care of it, but one thing that can make a big difference is proper servicing. The servicing depends on your car, but some things that should be done include rotating tires, changing the oil and replacing brake pads. With these things done at regular intervals, your car will last longer, keep its value and run more smoothly while saving you money in the long run. Trying to fit car maintenance into your schedule can be a challenge. Fortunately, consumers now have access to quick oil changes, allowing them to take care of these essential tasks without getting off track with their busy lives. Here are some of the reasons that state the importance of car service

6 Reasons why it is important to service a car

Here is the list of the top 6 reasons why you should get your car serviced timely:

Ensures safety 

Faulty brakes, steering, improper fluid levels, outdated windshield wipers, and other engine-related issues can cause severe problems and accidents. Driving your car for regular service inspections ensures that everything goes as smoothly and works as it should. Regular servicing ensures safety for you, your family, and other co-travellers.

Prevents malfunctioning

Regular servicing can prevent many problems, such as malfunctions and breakdowns, in the middle of nowhere or on the roadside. A poorly serviced vehicle can cost a great deal when it needs to be towed, taken to a mechanic, or given a temporary replacement.

Boosts fuel efficiency 

Gas mileage and fuel consumption are major concerns for all car owners. A more efficient vehicle will use less fuel, saving the owner money on gas. Having the oil changed regularly and performing routine tune-ups will keep your car running efficiently.

Enhances performance 

Regular maintenance checks of a car’s fluids, internal mechanism, and oil can decrease the chances of internal corrosion and increase the car’s mechanical reliability and overall performance. A well-maintained vehicle will provide nothing more than a responsive mechanism, smoother rides, and long-lasting performance.

Reduces pollution 

Automobiles affect the environment in a variety of ways. On the positive side, they can reduce dependence on public transportation and help people travel farther and more conveniently. Yet cars pollute the air with harmful emissions; acid rain, smog, and polluted waterways are some of the effects.

Lowers the cost of operation

Many people mistakenly think that regular servicing is an unnecessary expense. However, the reality is different as a broken-down car can trap you in the middle of your trip, forcing you to spend precious time and money searching for a temporary replacement car and a mechanic. Well-maintained vehicles, by contrast, prevent unexpected malfunctions, lowering operational charges.

Two major types of car servicing

Here are the two most commonly performed types of car maintenance service:

Interim service

An interim service is a great way to keep your car running at peak condition during the off-peak season, as well as get it ready for your trip abroad. The changes include engine oil and oil filter. In addition, wheel nut torque is checked and adjusted where necessary. You should review the car, change the tyre pressure, and top up the clutch fluid, power steering reservoir, brake fluid level, and windscreen washer if required.  Also, check other car parts, including tyre tread depth, brake discs and pads. If any additional work is needed on these parts, we’ll get in touch with you before carrying out any extra work to make sure that you are aware of any additional costs incurred when carrying out the work.

Full service

The full service is a thorough inspection of the vehicle and contains additional, comprehensive checks throughout the car compared to what is included in an interim service. In addition to the reviews, there are fluid top-ups and changes included. These include the air filter replacement based on the mileage and vehicle usage. Additional checks and top-ups have your coolant/antifreeze strength, the gearbox fluid, clutch fluid and axle oil. All reviews and tops-ups depend on your specific vehicle and manufacturer guidelines. You can also check spark plugs during a full service and change them based on the mileage and manufacturer specification if required.

The perks of getting your car regularly maintained

The benefits of regular tire rotations are not commonly known, and the average driver has often overlooked the process. However, it is easy to see the advantages of regular tire rotations when they are adequately explained. Not only will you experience a far more comfortable driving experience due to evenly distributed wear on your tires, but you will also be able to prolong their lifespan. Both are important considerations for most car owners, as comfort is essential and saving money is quite appealing. A quick oil change can also provide several benefits for your vehicle’s engine and running quality.


Summing up, this is something that most people forget or ignore. It’s easy to take your car for granted if you don’t use it much. That being said, it’s always a good idea to have your vehicle inspected routinely by a professional, whether it’s your everyday driver or a car you only drive occasionally. Not only will they be able to point out any critical issues that may need addressing, but they can also keep you informed of preventative measures you can take to keep your car in optimal shape. All you are required to do is to find the right mechanic according to the build and model of your vehicle. So, if you own a high-performing European car like Audi, you should look for a considerably skilled and trained auto mechanic for Audi repairs in Dandenong. Regular maintenance is a must for every vehicle owner. It helps ensure that your automobile will run smoothly and safely and can extend its life by many miles.