Cyber Monday is referred to as the first Monday after thanksgiving day in the US.

There is a great opportunity for retail businesses to rake in maximum profits and earn repeat customers that give long-term benefits.

Especially for IT buffs, Cyber Monday is a heaven where they can get a lot of stuff at discounted rates.

This lucrative occasion can be leveraged to the fullest if the product packaging is done wisely.

Custom Cardboard Cyber Monday boxes have got retail businesses covered!

These boxes resonate with the occasion perfectly and create a pleasant ambiance for the buyers.

What are the important facts regarding Custom Cyber Monday boxes that are worthy of knowing?

Here you go!

Different materials used for the production of Cyber Monday boxes are the following:

1-Kraft boxes

2-Cardboard boxes

3-Corrugated boxes

1-Kraft Boxes

Kraft is a naturally found material that comes in brown color. It has an exceptional quality of withstanding a wide range of pressures. Custom Kraft boxes are widely used by reputable brands to house edibles, and products due to their ecological properties and robustness.

Moreover, custom-printed Kraft Cyber boxes have resistance against dust and stain, which makes them ideal to keep items on shelves for a long time.

Make your products stand out this Cyber Monday with Kraft Cyber Monday boxes.

2-Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard material is composed of compostable materials that make it recyclable. Cardboard boxes are used for Cyber Monday boxes. These boxes provide excellent protection during the shipment of products. Cyber cardboard boxes are the best option to captivate buyers’ attention and make a variety of products sell like hotcakes. Especially, make your tobacco and IT products the center of attraction with Custom printed Cyber Monday packaging boxes.

3-Corrugated Boxes

Are you preparing to upsell high-end products this Cyber Monday? Corrugated Cyber boxes are a type of cardboard box with more thickness. Essentially, these are crafted with a number of material layers for extra protection.  These boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to cater to your product needs.

These boxes are great for shipping and storage purposes.

Upsell your high-end and large-sized products in Cyber Corrugated boxes and promote a positive brand image.

There are three types of Cyber Monday boxes depending on the type of goods you are packing:

1-Auto-lock bottom boxes

2- 1-2-3 bottom boxes:

3-Mailer style boxes:

1-Auto-lock Bottom Boxes

Auto-lock bottom cyber boxes are the best option for packing electronics, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and other retail products in a safe way.

Buyers are infuriated when they receive damaged products. Choose Auto-lock Cyber printed cyber Monday boxes in the USA to iron out this problem. These are also called snap boxes. These boxes are a sturdy and protective way to keep your products safe and secure.

You can contact a credible supplier to get cyber auto-lock bottom boxes in all sizes and shapes according to your product’s needs.

2-1-2-3 Bottom Boxes

Cyber boxes wholesale has another category of boxes awaiting you called 1-2-3 bottom or snap lock boxes. These boxes give enhanced protection to high-end products, as the bottom of the box is divided into three flaps. Interestingly, the box takes its constructed or designed shape when the flaps are locked in together.

Create a buzz around your products the is Cyber Monday with 1-2-3 bottom cyber boxes.

3- Mailer Style Boxes

These boxes are essentially made up of corrugated cardboard that gives considerable protection to the products through shipping and storage.

Moreover, these boxes can be fully customized to match brand aesthetics by printing branded text, logos, and other graphics.

Spruce up your brand image with Cyber Mailer Style boxes.

Different add-on options to increase the charm of Custom Cardboard Cyber Monday Boxes are the following:

1-Spot UV

2-Gloss Finish


4- Debossing


6-Die cuts

1-Spot UV on Cyber Boxes

Spot UV refers to the process of applying UV coating to particular areas of a printed piece of a packaging box (in this case). It is a creative way to add depth and contrast via different levels of sparkle and texture.

The elegance of Cyber Monday boxes owes to Spot UV.  You can add brand information and a logo in an alluring way to entice the target audience to your products.

2-Gloss Finish

Make your products shine brightly this Cyber Monday with the Gloss Finish technique. Gloss Finish refers to the amount of light reflection caused by a surface.

There are different types of gloss finishes available such as low sheen, semi-gloss, and gloss.

Create a buzz around your products with Custom printed Cyber Monday Packaging boxes.

Final Words:

We hope that our blog is worth your time and you have learned a lot about Cyber Monday Custom boxes. As a retail business, you can target a large target audience

With different types of Cyber Monday boxes.

Look for a reputable Packaging Supplier to get the best quality Cyber Monday boxes at a discounted rate.