The lab can be used to unlock features that are not available in your stronghold. unlocking new recipes for workshops, upgrading parts of the stronghold Lost Ark Gold, as well as unlocking new ship types can all be done from the lab. Research projects require a lot of time to complete and typically require wood and ore.

You can make certain structures within your stronghold that provide the effect of passive. The menus are used to assign which passives to be to be active at any time. For instance platinum founders receive the train cosmetic which grants crafting bonuses to build your stronghold.

Training Camp

When you reach level 52, the game is unlocked The training camp allows you to increase passively the level of your characters. It is possible to increase the level of your characters to 2 levels below your most advanced level character. In other words, if you have a character at level 60 however, you are able to only raise your alts up to level 58 through this system. In the training camp, leveling characters camp can take several days or even weeks to accomplish depending on the character’s level at the moment and their max level. You can still use the characters currently in working, so this is the best way to have a cost-free XP farm.

Knowledge Transfer

This is an effective training camp. After you’ve completed the “Nothing is Impossible for Cykins” quest Cheapest Lost Ark Gold,  you’ll be able to spend 600 Gold to boost any character’s level up to 50. The process takes about an average of eight hours.