Introducing the FAT Machine-The Most Robust and Responsive Milk Fat Analyzer on the Market

Ultrasonic high speed Milk Analyzer Machine

FAT Machine has been getting major buzz in the dairy industry, and it’s not hard to see why! The powerful ultrasonic mechanism used in the FAT Machine makes it our most responsive and reliable milk fat analyzer on the market today, so much so that many major food manufacturers have already made the switch to using this superior product! Here are just some of the reasons that we love our FAT Machine so much.

What is fat measurement?

Many milk processors want to be able to identify when milk samples are above or below certain thresholds of fat, protein, or other components. These measurements can help determine if milk is safe for human consumption or if it requires further processing into other products. While many companies currently use instruments that rely on light refraction and reflection to measure these important components, Essae has developed a new technology that we believe is better than any other instrument in its class. We call it our FAT machine (FAT stands for Fat Analysis Technology). Our FAT machine uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves to measure fat content in milk.

How does it work?

An ultrasonic probe sends out sound waves at a frequency of 2.5MHz which are then reflected back from any source that is denser than what it hit originally (like milk fat). This action forms an echo, which is then analysed by our specialised FEA processor. A mass spectrometer scans through all these echoes, decodes them and compares each scan to data stored in its memory bank – all in less than 1/3000th of a second! If you want to learn more about how exactly we do it, check out our website for more information.

Benefits of using the machine

After using Ultrasonic Milk Fat Analyzer Machine, we were able to realize major improvements in production. It allows us to measure milk fat quickly, precisely, economically and with a high degree of efficiency. The best part is it’s easy to use. We just put in a few measurements and let it work its magic – it returns an analysis within seconds. This has allowed us to better manage our cows’ diet and monitor their health more closely. This also helps keep our product consistent from day-to-day because we can ensure that all animals are getting fed equally throughout each day. This has saved us time and money because now we don’t have to manually check each cow for their milk fat content before milking them. Our machine does all of that for us! It takes about 10 minutes per day to collect data from each cow and once you’ve collected your data, you plug it into your computer. Your results will be ready instantly. You’ll see how much milk fat is in your animal’s body (in grams) as well as how much protein (in grams) and lactose (in grams). You’ll also see if there are any other nutrients present like cholesterol or carbohydrates.

Who can use this machine?

Any dairy farmer. The machine is used to test a farm’s milk fat content to see if it meets  standards. If not, farmers are required to pay fines for each percentage point below standard. This can be costly, so many farmers use our machines before they sell their milk to ensure they aren’t losing money by selling underweight products.

Why should I buy this machine?

Here are three reasons why you should consider buying FAT machine over other types of analyzers. One, it’s affordable. Two, it comes with a 1-year warranty. If we cannot resolve your issue in that time frame, we will ship out a replacement unit immediately at no cost to you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our Milk Testing Machines come with standard software installed, but if you would like additional features such as custom reporting or an internet portal, please contact our sales team for more information. They would be happy to answer any questions you may have!