The Power of using SMS Broadcast in your Business

SMS broadcasting is the perfect solution to reach all of your clients quickly and efficiently, even if you have a small marketing team. SMS being one of the most popular mediums of communication and the most accessible on any phone, it is the best way to approach a new or old customer. According to various studies, SMS has one of the highest opening rates in platforms for communication and it is certainly much higher than emails. This makes it the right fit to deliver urgent updates, offers or sales notifications to inform your customers and keep them constantly engaged with your products. 

SMS Broadcast Vs. Emails

Several industries in the market today rely on SMS broadcasts to reach their clients immediately. SMS broadcasting is a way of sending a message in bulk to a number of people instead of manually framing a message and sending each of your contacts. SMS broadcast sends a message on your behalf to any number of people, at a time that can also be scheduled by you. From Advertising to Healthcare to the Banking sector, businesses are now increasingly using SMS broadcast to reach clients and automate their marketing process. 

While emails are another form of communication that is commonly preferred by companies, it still remains unread in people’s inboxes which makes it a bad platform to consistently maintain a relationship with a customer. However, SMS gives a sense of urgency to customers and with increased accessibility since it’s part of every phone in its local storage and needs no internet, it is a much better option. There is a higher chance that your message will be read, rather than lying in spam for months like with emails. 

How can a Business use SMS Broadcast?

SMS can communicate a variety of things to customers as well as employees to quickly reach them and ensure that they receive a message from you.

  • Special Updates on Sales and Promotions

Sending notifications on short notice about a sale, limited stock offers or other promotional activities can get a lot easier with SMS broadcast. You can ensure a response from the customer if you include a link along with your text message so the customer can immediately go to your website. SMS therefore helps in appealing to the customer and gains the attention which is not always possible through other platforms. There is an active response that takes place through SMS if the message is framed smartly. 

  • Order Notifications

When a customer places an order with your company, or makes any sort of engagement, it is useful to let them know you are aware of their interests. Personally interacting with them regarding their last purchased products, getting feedback or reviews, or suggestions for improvement or new products can make the relationship productive for the customer and you. It will also prove to the customer that you are truly interested in their engagement, rather than a superficial interest in their transactions alone. Such personalised broadcast messages can be done effortlessly but also make the customer feel more involved. 


  • Consumer and Employee Surveys

Surveys are extremely important to get ideas on improvement and understand your audience and their tastes. It also helps in enhancing the work environment for your employees so they enjoy what they do more and maintain a good relationship overall. However, they are not always filled by people, especially when sent through emails. Instead of manually sending surveys on SMS, or having an unread email survey with them, use SMS broadcast to gain the attention of the receiver and ensured responses on the survey. A direct link to the survey means they can read it as soon as they use their phone, and instantly fill it on the phone as well, which is a much easier process for them. 

  • Emergency updates

SMS Broadcasting is a particularly useful function when you need to inform people of a situation that needs to be urgently regarded. This includes incidents of system outages, security breaches, shops closing or staying shut due to unplanned emergencies, etc. so that customers and employees can immediately be aware of the situation and accordingly make a decision. An email may not be the best option in such a situation since it requires an Internet connection which may not be available with everyone, however SMS only uses the local cellular pack. 

SMS broadcast marks a gradual shift of the digital industries towards a new way of staying connected with your consumer and employee base, as well as reaching out to prospective audiences. It is an efficient and cheap mode of contact that can be used in a variety of situations, unlike emails. Use  MMS Messaging broadcasts to strengthen the link with your customers and maintain healthy relations within your business to move ahead in the industry even while growing from a small team.