Alibaba is often described as one of the biggest tech companies you’ve never heard of… or perhaps in other words, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and… Jack Ma???

Alibaba describes itself as “China’s distributor and exporter” and has become one of the largest in the world. With the upcoming listing on the New York Stock Exchange, the company is expected to be valued at $220 billion. Yes, you heard that right, that’s $220 in beilin dollars, as Dr. Evil gleefully says.To give you a little context, Amazon is currently worth $165 billion and Facebook is worth about $190 billion. Both are just well made. “domestic”. Words around the world. So how did Alibaba, a company that disappeared from the eyes and understanding of the Western public, become the Internet giant that now threatens the business interests of companies such as Amazon and eBay.  To understand the relation between alibaba vs aliexpress we need to make comparison than we will be in position to understand the relation.

Humble beginnings

Founded in 1999 by Chinese English teacher Jack Ma and a few friends, their ideology was simple – to provide a place for small businesses to do business online properly. why the name? Jack thought it was instantly recognizable from the tale “Alibaba and 40 Thieves.” I’m not sure I’d pick a criminal fraternity company name, but who am I to argue…

Fast forward 15 years and Alibaba is the place to do business with China… Like a virtual shipping port where all trade and exports go to the world, Alibaba facilitates doing business with China’s industrial giants on a global level. , Alibaba reportedly owns 80% of the e-commerce market in China and reported $1.1 billion in operating income in the second quarter, 42% more than Amazon and eBay.

What model does Alibaba work on?

Alibaba is essentially a marketplace company like eBay, so unlike Amazon they don’t own the products, manage the warehouse or expensive logistics to do so, instead retailers sell directly to consumers and businesses. Use the service. Of course, outside of China, Amazon continues to lead the global e-commerce stakes with well-established relationships and global distribution. Amazon itself has been in China for about 10 years, albeit with limited market share. Alibaba is now moving into cross-border e-commerce, and without compromising China’s desire for Western goods, Alibaba is well-positioned to meet the need.

your bank? Why not…

One of Alibaba’s functions on Amazon is an electronic payment group, a little called Alipay. Compared to PayPal, Alipay processed $519 billion in digital payments in 2013, while PayPal only processed $180 billion.

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