With More than 1 million Sydneysiders plunged into a 2 week-lockdown, the COVID-19 outbreak spreads across the city. This means people across Sydney are sheltering inside homes to avoid the spread of the pandemic, more people are active on their personal devices accessing social media, search engines, and digital mediums in general.Businesses now have more opportunity to understand users’ attention across digital channels.

What Can Businesses Do?

The companies that are better positioned to survive in the ongoing environment are the ones that have already started pivoting to the digital marketplace. It’s important to stress that taking a larger view on digital marketing does not necessarily mean spending a small fortune in Paid ads on Google or Instagram.
Some industries, such as the recently closed cafes, pubs, restaurants & event companies are limited to trading completely, so the focus should be on maintaining their brands and connecting with users organically to stay top-of-mind. Depending on your business and customer type, different channels are going to be more beneficial. The most important thing to do first is to talk to your customers if you can, to understand how buyer behaviour is changing. This way you’ll be ready to understand the right way to connect with your customers.

Leveraging Instagram & Facebook

With pockets tightening and users spending longer reception ahead of screens, social media presents a huge opportunity for businesses of all kinds. The best bit is that you simply don’t need to spend a fortune. By simply staying on top of your social profiles, providing your followers with regular, relevant updates and interesting content, you’ll still engage together with your customers on a more personal and meaningful level. Considering the sensitive situation of the pandemic, an organic approach is often more valuable than ever. Users will connect and grow trust for brands that take a thoughtful approach to their content instead of continually blasting you with ads across all channels.

Understand your Organic Search Performance

Users are more at home and online than ever so if there’s ever a time to analyse your search traffic, it is now. Spend some time optimizing your website speed, content & functionality. Search traffic is going to be volatile across different industries so it’s best to know your organic search performance via Google Search Console or whatever your favourite SEO tool is.

In terms of Paid Ads, cost-per-clicks are going to fluctuate as businesses either reduce their marketing spend, or compete to get media space. Understandably, this to be quite different between each industry.

Utilize Digital Webinars

With the closure of all events, webinars are getting to be the foremost important channel for targeted information delivery and group user interaction, especially within the B2B industry. Webinars are sometimes limited in effectiveness as they’re generally free and straightforward to miss when users have busy everyday lives. With more people at home and online, we predict webinars are getting to be simpler than ever.

Our Recommendation – Digital Marketing and Pandemic

Consider how your target market is behaving and the way they’ll be impacted by this crisis. If you’ll communicate and connect together with your users online in a meaningful way you’ll see the marketing value shine through well beyond this crisis. We think organic social media interactions, and delivery of valuable, timely content is often the foremost cost-effective and strategic thanks to set about your marketing online. Unfortunately, some industries could also be more limited than others. The most important thing to recollect is that any effort you set into your digital now will still be valuable going forward.

If you need any help with your digital strategy/implementation at this time, please get in touch.