1. Al Lahbab Desert:

Located about 50 km outside Dubai, this is the ideal choice for bashing mounds, sandboarding, and enjoying B.B.Q. Dinner and Bedouin -style camps. Beautiful Al Lahbab sand is a popular choice for private desert safari in Dubai.

 Red Red Sand Hill will make an experience that you will never forget. This dessert is called a small village, while your safari will also get the opportunity to experience rural culture u.a.e.

2. Jebel Maleihah

Known as The Fossil Rock, this place is located on the road that connects Sharjah and Kalba. What distinguishes it from the remaining choices in this list is that you can find sea fossils here. This is because years ago, U.A.E. was under the sea, located under the ocean of Tethys. 

Close to this point is another interesting structure known as The Camel Rock. As the name suggests, this stone is shaped like a camel.

3. Liwa Desert

Located near Rub Al Khali, Liwa Oasis is the right place for experienced Dune Bashers. It has the highest dune in this country. This is famous for being the host of several festivals and challenges. Soft sand and competition sensation make it a busy place.

 Rich in desert culture is home to fifty villages. You might get a chance to explore this life in the private desert safari in Dubai village here seriously.