Ease of use of technology plays a primary role. A person instantly adapts to it, and any violations cause discomfort. When the problem affects the remote control (remote control), watching television programs ceases to bring pleasure to its user and a solution is needed as soon as possible.

How you can fix the failure yourself

Before contacting a specialist, you need to exclude elementary breakdowns. First look at the front of your remote to make sure it is using TV remote control and not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. A distinctive feature of the latter is voice control and its corresponding button. For all original models, it only looks like this. The exception will be remotes without the presence of the main digital buttons. They trigger the voice control of the passphrase.

After that, the procedure is as follows:

1. Check the performance of the batteries:

  • open the rear compartment cover, remove all batteries;
  • try an alternative kit (from time to time they could be discharged or leak).
  • check on other devices (clocks, kitchen scales, radio-controlled toys) to ensure they are suitable.

2. When you press any of the buttons, the TV does not respond to the Remote control. We test the compact assistant for serviceability:

  • if available, use a camera or smartphone camera ;
  • point the remote control at the lens, a distance of 25 cm is enough;
  • press any button, you should make sure that there is a flicker of the diode.
  • you can cope without a camera – test the performance on a similar TV model in the nearest electronics hypermarket.

3. Interference in the direction of the signal. This malfunction is more common with TVs located in the kitchen.

Possible reasons:

  • neighbourhood with a microwave;
  • shining fluorescent lamps;
  • increased lighting brightness.

It is necessary to remove the plugs of all working devices and turn off all lighting equipment. After a minute, return only the TV to the network. Test again.

4. Having made sure that the remote control is in good condition, we proceed to the study of the receiving device. The only way is to find a suitable or universal remote.

The neighbour’s accessory worked, and your attempts are in vain. It means that the operating frequency of the remote control is unconsciously knocked down. More on that below.

Another situation is when the TV indicator flickers but does not start it. Or worse, no response

In the first case, there is a breakdown of the photodetector, in the second – the control processor. It is impossible to confirm this without diagnostics of special devices. It is better not to experiment and contact the nearest service centre.

5. The user must change the transmission frequency in the TV setup menu. Nothing complicated. But there are discrepancies for each modification of the TV.

You must refer to the instructions for your particular device or find them on the manufacturer’s website.

You can only check the frequency with an oscilloscope, although the Internet is replete with many other unreliable methods. The master in a matter of minutes will determine and restore the signal.

Several lifelines

Extraordinary cases:

  • For Samsung and Philips manufacturers, press the program and volume buttons at the same time. The signal will automatically resume. If unsuccessful, you need to reflash the device.
  • Some remote controls can be used to control multiple devices alternately. The toggle buttons are at the very top. Make sure the correct TV input channel is selected (input, TV, AV, video and source).
  • Use the mobile utility and set up the electronic remote control from your smartphone. Step-by-step description here. 

Half of the buttons stopped working

The remote control is popular with all family members. With the same success, he falls under various mechanical influences. Drenched in tea or full of breadcrumbs are common.

Let’s be honest with ourselves – not always used in clean hands. Therefore, the remote control should be cleaned periodically.

1. First, unscrew the screws and disassemble the remote control. Next, use a pneumatic cleaner or a regular PCB cleaner. A soldering flux option would also work.

2. Let the board, rubber pad, and covers dry for at least an hour.

3. No toothbrushes. This is especially true for the keyboard. It is covered with a conductive layer. Erasing it in a few procedures is quite simple.

With constant maintenance, you can guarantee the work of a little helper for many years.

Solutions to Bluetooth remote control problems

The TV is overloaded with various Bluetooth connections and, having lost connection with the main one, there are inconveniences.

Let’s omit the above problems with batteries or mechanical impact. Let’s jump right into the action:

1. Restart your TV. Turn off all Bluetooth devices except the remote.

2. Remotes with two-way control require a clear position in space. Try to set a straight perpendicular direction. Now turn over.

3. Check which software version is installed on the TV. Update to latest.

4. The same should be done when only one-half of the console is working.

5. Pairing may fail after the update. Delete the previous connection. Reconnect the remote.

After the connection is restored, do not rush to connect to other devices. Do it gradually, one by one. After each successful attempt, recheck the remote again. Disable those you don’t need at the moment.

Not everything can be hidden by a high fence

Almost all spheres of life follow the path of technological progress. TV has already become a friend and companion of man in many situations of our existence. Voice control is already a reality. Soon no one will be surprised by a smart TV that works on cotton or at the behest of your voice.

In the meantime, do not forget that you can always solve the problem using a universal remote control. And you don’t need a specialist for this. It is easy to select the parameter setting function and enter the desired code.


Therefore, you should not worry about your technique, but you should not be dismissive of it either. Sometimes the best thing to do in case of a malfunction is to wait. And already with a cool head to return to the solution.