We are currently surrounded by a plethora of software running nonstop to make our lives easier. Every small gadget possessed by you functions through an operating system that is built using the software. This is why software development is not just an option but a necessity for digital businesses and enterprises. According to a recent study released in August 2021, over 605 billion USD is spent on enterprise software development globally.

This is because software development plays a significant role in promoting business, improving sales and services, analyzing data, and bringing innovative and customer-centric products and services to market. Therefore, if you are looking for technical and business insights on software development, we have the ultimate guide for you.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is software development?

What is software development is one of the most asked questions of the modern times. While there are a number of software development definitions, on a universal level, it can be defined as:

Software development is a set of information technology based activities which are centered around the process of creating, designing, developing, and maintaining software.

In order to understand what software development means, it’s important to know the meaning of software. It is a set of programs or instructions which tells a computer what to do.

There are four primary types of software –

System software – These software provide core functions like disk management, operating system, hardware management etc. They typically fall in the category of the operational side of the software category.

Programming software – These give developers the tools to write code on and build more software applications. Some examples of this can be – compilers, text editors, debuggers, and linkers, etc.

Application software – These software help people perform tasks. Referring to both web and mobile applications, examples of these software types can be – security apps, social media apps, office productivity suites, eCommerce apps, etc.

Embedded software – These software are used for controlling devices and machines that are not your typical computer – automated robots, cars, etc.  The software type is mainly connected through the capabilities of Internet of Things (IOT).

What are the different roles in software development?

Programmers – They write the source code of the computer program which then enables specific tasks such as displaying texts, merging databases, performing searches, etc. Programmers mainly interpret the instructions they get from engineers and software developers and use programming languages like Swift or C++ to perform them.

Software engineers – The role of a software engineer is to develop systems and software that solve problems. They make use of modeling tools and languages to build solutions that can be applied to problems. While on one hand, software engineering adhered to scientific methods, they should find solutions around real world applications.

Over time, the responsibility of software engineers have grown with products becoming more intelligent through sensors, software, and microprocessors.

Software developers – When compared to software engineers, software developers have a less complex role as they can be thoroughly involved in a single project area.

However, they are crucial when it comes to driving the complete software development life cycle. They work across the core teams to convert their requirements into features, manage the development processes and teams, and perform software maintenance.

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