Pinstriping is a way to add a unique mark to one’s vehicle. For a muscle car or hotrod, an elaborate pinstripe can be way to make a bold and flashy statement. Alternatively, for other high-end vehicles a basic pinstripe is an understated marker or luxury. You would see most of the pinstripes done in vinyl that are directly applied to the body of the car, but the original hand painted pinstripes seem to make a comeback. So, if you are searching for pinstripe tape near me, take a call and see if you want to go for painting pinstripes.

Many automobile enthusiasts are coming forward to learn painting the pinstripes, but it does take a lot of hard work and practice to master over this art. You can easily begin your journey by taking car painting courses. Before you start with pinstripe painting, it is necessary that you understand the anatomy of car painting. Also, if you are planning to pursue your career to become an automotive pinstriper, here are a few things that you must know.

The best tools that a pinstriper can have been a steady hand and lots of patience. You must know that with pinstriping, sky is the limit. You can paint anything from your wildest imaginations and please your client. Thus, automotive pinstripe designs can range from challenging and complex designs to simple lines that follow the curve of a vehicle. One thing that is consistent with all pinstripe design is that they require a steady hand.

If you are in love with freehand pinstripe, you must use any ruler or instrument to make any kind of shapes. You need to pull off those symmetrical curves and circles with the help of your eyes and hands.

With regular practice, you can achieve incredible precision and all you need is to keep practicing the art and keep patience on your journey. We would like to tell you that pinstriping is not something that you can rush on. It is an immensely skilled art and one that will take years to master. That said, no one in this world start this career being an expert. As long as you take the time to practice and learn the skills, you will learn this art very soon.

There are various brushes used with this type of art. When you go to a pinstripe shop, you will come to know about them. We would suggest that you finish off your course where you will learn about all the tools you will need.

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