Every girl craves a good piece of jewellery. So what could be a better choice than a royal sapphire? The ring is the epitome of love and relationships. But, it is more than just a piece of jewellery; it represents a new beginning of commitment and a blossoming relationship.

Whenever we hear the word “sapphire,” we associate it with blue. So rings with sapphire stones make the perfect engagement ring, don’t they? With a prominent blue colour, they look luxurious and make a statement.

Over time, however, your most precious ring may look dull and lose its charm. Maintaining your sapphire gemstones will ensure that they shine like new forever. Sapphires are relatively easy to maintain. Let us see how.

What is a sapphire stone?

Sapphires are precious stones known as corundum. As a precious stone, sapphires come in various colours, but a vintage blue sapphire rings is the most expensive and royal. You must be thinking, “Are sapphires expensive”? Well, they are cheap when compared with diamonds. It costs over $2,000 for a three-carat sapphire stone but over $40,000 for a three-carat diamond.

In addition to costing millions of dollars, sapphire with diamond rings are classy and worn by royals like Kate Middleton and Elizabeth Hurley.

Some applications for sapphires include:

To attract abundance

According to astrology, sapphires attract abundance into your life. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and AR Rahman are often spotted wearing dark blue sapphire rings. It is believed by many that their success and fame are due to the magic of this stone.

To attract positivity

Blue sapphire keeps the surroundings and the vibes positive. In the royal era, people believed that it was an ornament that attracted wealth and provided protection from infidelity.

For Engagement and Wedding Jewellery

Today sapphire is widely used in weddings and engagements. They look minimalist yet add a pop of colour.

Feng Shui

Sapphire has a lot of spiritual, mental, and emotional healing properties. According to Feng Shui, it resonates with four elements: wood, earth, metal, and water.

For meditation

Gemstones help meditators connect with their higher selves. According to astrology experts, blue stone sapphires work on the throat chakra. It is also called the stone of wisdom. Blue sapphires are often associated with peace too.

Easy steps to maintain your sapphire stone ring

Store your sapphires properly

Sapphire stones are durable and the second most hard gem after diamonds. It is advisable to store your sapphire engagement ring in a separate box. Sapphires can scratch and damage your jewellery if kept with other pieces.

Keep your sapphire ring separate from your diamonds, as diamonds are a hard metal that can easily scratch your sapphire.

Check for the loose stone

In some cases, sapphire can loosen over time when mounted with metals like silver, gold, or platinum. To maintain the shine and newness of your engagement ring for a longer duration, inspect your ring from time to time.

Clean at home with care

These gemstones can accumulate dirt, so cleaning them is essential. Sapphires are easy to clean at home. Follow the below steps to clean your sapphire stone ring :

  1. Soak your sapphire ring in warm water for 3 to 4 minutes until it leaves its dirt particles.

2.Take regular dish soap on a soft bristle toothbrush and rub it all over the ring to clean it thoroughly. Do this step for 2 to 3 minutes.

3. Rinse yourblue & pink gemstones engagement rings  in clean water and dry it with a towel.

4. Take a tweezer and hold the ring with it.

5. The last step is to blow dry your sapphire, and voila, a new ring with a shiny finish is ready.


Professional touch up

To retain the shine, you must get your ring polished from time to time. Sapphire is indeed easy to clean at home, but the metal with which it is mounted might wear off with time.

Avoid contact with harsh chemicals

If you wear a sapphire ring, be careful around harsh chemicals. When participating in activities that may expose your ring to harmful chemicals, take your ring off and keep it aside.

For instance, your ring can get damaged by the chemicals in the paint. Similarly, avoid wearing your sapphire ring in a swimming pool, as chlorine could damage it.

The best metal for your dark blue sapphire ring

It is vital to consider how often you will need to polish a metal before choosing it for your new jewellery.


One of the cost-effective metals that could complement a sapphire is silver. However, it will require periodic polishing on your part.

White gold or platinum

White will stand out against the blue stone, making the ring pop more. Platinum metal has some additional properties, such as being tarnish-free and non-oxidizing.


Tungsten is known to be one of the most durable metals. So, if you are more concerned about durability, go with tungsten. The only drawback that tungsten has is that it is a heavy metal.


Titanium is the lightest natural metal used in jewellery production. Titanium is a pure element that is both strong and light and is widely regarded as an exquisite metal for wedding bands because of its durability.


The ring with sapphire stone has always held a special place in the hearts of brides. Not only would sapphire make for the perfect jewellery piece, but it would also make a great antique to pass on to future generations and maintain the legacy, just like the royal family.

Diana’s ring was iconic simply because it belonged to her. The blue jewel is now in the hands of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. In 2010, Prince William explained, This was my way of keeping my mother close to everything. If you take good care of your sapphires, they will always shine like new.

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