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It’s not hard to imagine a shining Elvis impersonator escorting you through flashy drive-thru chapels when you hear wedding. There are many wedding options that feel spontaneous and far away. We’ve compiled six stunning wedding locations that will make it easy for you to have an intimate ceremony with just two people.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona in Arizona is the best place to go if you’re looking for a romantic desert wedding. The small town of Southwest, about an hour from Phoenix, is home to a variety of juniper trees, red rocks, and rugged cliffs that reach high into the sky, almost like nature has its own chapels. Cathedral is one of Sedona’s most well-known rocks. It might be too perfect for making it official.

Many local planners offer small wedding packages. You can also plan your own miniature wedding or exchange of vows. It’s still a wedding. You only need a photographer, an officiant, and each other. You can apply for a marriage license the same day, and the license can be used to marry you up to one year after you have applied.

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Rome has a nickname that resembles the Eternal City. It is the perfect place to exchange forever vows. However, it’s more than the name. It’s the ambiance, the breathtaking architecture, the modernity-meets-antiquity, and the undeniable romance of it all. This destination is perfect for couples who love the energy of a city and have a deep appreciation of art, history, and culture.

A bilingual wedding planner can help you arrange a civil marriage at one of Rome’s three City Halls (Villa Lais and Campidoglio) or a religious ceremony at one of the thousands of historic churches. To obtain an official license, you must follow the Italian laws. You can also choose to have a symbolic marriage at a private villa or public park, then return to the States to obtain your real marriage license.

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Savannah, Georgia

Savannah in Georgia is full of architecture, cobblestone streets, and dancing fountains. There are also beautiful oak trees that are dotted with soft Spanish Moss. It is important to recognize that there was a history of colonialism in the area, as well as the enslavement and exile of Black people.

Savannah is all Southern charm. But beyond its beauty, there are many reasons this beautiful city in Georgia makes a great location for marriage. The weather is almost perfect all year. Georgia also has one of the most relaxed laws regarding marriage in the country. You don’t have to wait, your license doesn’t expire, and there is no need for witnesses. It’s a popular destination for elopements and many planners are available to help make your wedding memorable.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Although Lisbon is not as popular or as romantic as Santorini or Paris, it’s still a charming city. Portugal’s capital, which sits at the country’s eastern border overlooking the Tagus River, might be the perfect place to get married.

Lisbon is home to beautiful vineyards in the countryside, stunning panoramic terraces, breathtaking views from the seaside, and a mix of Baroque, Gothic, Roman and Gothic architecture. Civil or religious marriage is not possible if you aren’t a Portuguese resident. However, if you have lived in Portugal for 30 days and can speak Portuguese, it is possible. You can have a symbolic ceremony with everyone else, and many local planners will assist you in planning from far away.

The Palm Beaches in Florida

You don’t need to travel the globe looking for beautiful white-sand beaches. The Palm Beaches are located at the southern tip Florida and offer a stunning array of beaches right here in the U.S. There are many stunning sunsets at night on the beaches of Boca Raton and Delray Beach.

Another option is to choose a beachy backdrop through West Palm Beach. This city allocates a significant portion of its budget for incredible public art installations all over the city. After you have obtained your marriage license, which takes around three days to process, you can hold a ceremony anywhere within the state.

Galway, Ireland

Imagine it: Green, lush fields of green grass, dramatic waves pushing against rugged cliffs and castles rising through the country’s pastures. No matter where you look, the Emerald Isle seems like a paradise. There are many destinations to make your elopement unforgettable.

Although you don’t need to be an Irish citizen to marry in Ireland, it is necessary to do some hoop-jumping in order to have everything in order for a civil ceremony or religious ceremony. This allows you to be married in any of Ireland’s beautiful churches, or in a castle, manor house or other civil location. There are legal binding ceremonies that can be performed in a spiritual, humanist or secular ceremony. You can also opt for a symbolic ceremony outdoors at the Cliffs of Moher or Barna Woods, Portumna Forest Park or another location.

Make sure to inform your guests in advance about your wedding location through your elegant wedding invitations.