A serrated knife in Australia is often known as a bread-cutting knife but it can also be used to slice a quiche, solid veggie, or even a roast chicken. Do not understate the power of serrated kitchen knives. This guide will help you know more about a serrated kitchen knife and how to buy the right serrated knife for your needs.

What is a serrated kitchen knife?

A serrated kitchen knife is known as the classic bread knife used to slice your morning bread. Whilst we all love good bread knives, there are other knives that are included in the serrated category. A serrated kitchen knife is simply any knife that has a serrated blade. Instead of the blade appearing smooth, it has jagged edges, known as teeth.

A serrated kitchen knife is ideal for cutting your bagels, sourdough loaves and any type of fully-loaded sandwiches. If the blades are made well, they can easily slice through anything from a ripe tomato to a roasted chicken. The good thing with these knives is that you don’t have to keep your sharpener on hand because they don’t need frequent sharpening.

How to choose a serrated kitchen knife

When buying a serrated kitchen knife, it is important to remember that not all serrated kitchen knives are designed equally. We have all had a time when we tried cutting bread with a cheap serrated knife. No matter how many times you sharpen a badly serrated kitchen knife, it will not slice as easily as a high-quality serrated kitchen knife.

A serrated kitchen knife can be life-changing for gluten lovers. You will want to keep in mind that the quality of the knife should come first and then budgetary restrictions should come next. A serrated kitchen knife can be cheaper than you initially thought.


When choosing a serrated kitchen knife, it is important to consider the blade quality. The type of stainless steel used to make the blade plays an important role in the overall quality of the knife. You should also consider how the teeth are shaped and arranged, how sturdy the sharp knife feels in your hand and the type of grip the knife allows you.

You should also ensure that your knife can cut through bread without creating a mess by tearing the bread into shreds. The less surface area that the knife has, the more likely you will be to maintain the shape of what you are slicing. This way, your tomato knife does not destroy your tomato.


Safety is very important when choosing a serrated kitchen knife. Make sure you choose a balanced blade to avoid accidents. You should choose a knife brand that you trust and have a backup whetstone or a quality sharpening rod on hand to sharpen your knife to perfection.


Before buying a serrated knife in Australia, you should understand your budget and its limitations. Investing in a high-quality serrated kitchen knife doesn’t mean you break the bank. You can get a knife from as low as $40 to as high as a couple of hundred dollars.