In the contemporary world when crime rates have increased markedly. Robust security systems are the need of the hour for managing these crimes from happening. These crimes are not only affecting people but also businesses and industries at an alarming rate. In this scenario, security cameras have been a savior. According to research, CCTV camera installation is reported to reduce the crime rate by almost 16 %.  Indeed, apart from deterring crime efficiently, security cameras serve other purposes too.

In this article, we are going to outline considerations one must keep in mind while implementing a security system. But before diving deep into this, let’s first know why you must install a security camera.

Why you need a Security Camera

Here are possible reasons why you must install security cameras.

Reduces the chance of theft: One of the most crucial reasons why security cameras are preferred is the fact that they reduce the chances of a crime happening. As everyone is aware that they might be caught on camera if committing a crime and might get into legal action, most of the crimes are avoided.

Crime evidence: As CCTV cameras provide the facility of viewing camera footage live or storing it for later viewing, CCTV footage is considered powerful crime evidence that helps in solving many criminal cases. Even the court considers it valid evidence.

A cost-effective way of managing security: The cost of Security camera installation and maintenance is way less than employing a security guard or agency for ensuring security.

Considerations to be kept in mind while implementing a modern security system

Choice of CCTV Camera: The first and most important thing to consider is which type of CCTV camera you require. It totally depends on the functionalities required and the location where it is going to be installed. CCTV Cameras come in great variety depending upon the location of installation whether they are going to be installed interior or exterior, etc.

Location: Wherever you are mounting the camera make sure that you are getting full coverage. The angle of installation matters for wide coverage.

Compatibility: Whenever a security system is implemented, a CCTV camera is not the only component. It consists of other components too like a monitor, internet connection, etc. Make sure that the whole setup does not have any compatibility issues.

HD Quality: Another important consideration that should be kept in mind before setting up a security system is that it should consist of High-definition camera quality. The main purpose of a security system is to ensure security through footage transmission and storage and if the footage is not clear, it is of no use. Therefore, before installation ensure the CCTV camera is offering crystal clear footage.

Storage:   One must analyze whether a terabyte is sufficient. While high-quality video may now be recorded, viewed, shared, and stored in the current era without any quality deterioration, it’s important to accommodate HD video security’s escalating storage needs. With the help of your security consultant, you can determine how much storage you require based on the number of cameras you have, the resolution of your cameras, the length of time you need to keep video, and the compression method your devices utilize.

I hope this information will be helpful for you in selecting the best security system for you. For any other guidance or for CCTV camera installation services Lucknow, you may contact us.