To improve the quality of live streams, it is advised to add music to the streaming. The viewers will be more interested and they will pay more attention when there is some music in the broadcast. The music invokes the emotion that is hidden in the viewers when they are watching the stream.

But the main thing here is that there is royality free live streaming music in which the streamer has to pay some amount to get access and license for that specific music allowing him to use that for as long as he desires.

Things to know about Royalty-Free Music

  •     Many people think that Royalty-Free Music will include all the rights for public performances. But in reality, this is not the case. For public performances, the performer or the company will pay directly to the composer as royalty for paying their music. But here, the fees will not be paid by the purchaser, instead, the company will directly pay for it.
  •     No one can decide what quality of the music is being licensed. Even the cheap quality or ugly music can be licensed the same as for the good and excellent music.
  •     The royality free live streaming music can be for any genre of music. This is for everyone who uses music other than their private use.
  •     There are many places or libraries which can offer music that is already in stock for people who are ready to use once they got the license. But this doesn’t ideally come under royalty-free music.

Types of Usage of Music

  1.   Private

It is okay to use the music for private use even that is in various places like home, car, laptop, and office. When the person buys a CD he can use that in various places.

  1.   Commercial

For commercial use in sites like a personal website, TV shows, or for business purposes, they have to pay royalty depending on the licensing model.

Is Royalty-free music and copyright music the same?

Royalty-free music and copyright free are not the same. Music that is copyright free is not protected by any sort of copyright. There are cases in which they will ask for a payment to use this kind of work but there is no restriction for usage of this music in any live streaming.Stop worrying avoid copyright strikes and start discovering unique,free beat making software that work perfectly with your content.

Whereas royality free live streaming music is where they have to pay a one-time fee and in exchange, they can use that music any time they want based on the terms of the contract they might have signed.

What happens when someone uses royalty-free music without prior payment?

Whenever someone uses copyright music or royalty-free music without prior permission they will get flagged and in the worst case will be reported as well.


There are many rumors saying that royalty-free music will be cheap and not good as it is affordable but this is not at all correct. There are options to hear the sample before taking a license for any royalty-free music. So the purchasers can go ahead and take a license for any of the tracks they like while streaming online.