Have you ever thought how to score good grades in English exam? The secret behind the mystery is the language feature. Don’t you know what is language feature? The words that you use in the sentences to enhance the quality is known as the language feature. Writers make the most use of this feature to convey the message to the readers. Everything like vocabulary, punctuation, noun sums up to make the language feature. Let’s discuss some of the language features of the English that make the most of the sentences!


Allegory is the poem, story or picture which have a hidden meaning related to political insights. Writers use it to convey the symbolic meaning to the viewers. When writers use any fictional story, then allegory helps the writers to convey the message more easily. For example, if we use the animal firm, then it is not the group of animals but the Bolshevik Revolution. The words appears to be something else but the real meaning is something else.


For persuasive essay, analogy is the best option of language feature. In this essay type, readers get what the writers is telling them through the content. The viewers will understand your facts if you have strong arguments, and well targeted points. It also includes strong theories. It is used to explain the idea and thought in a much better way. Simile, metaphors are the ways to explain analogy. It may help you to compare two things that are hard to differentiate.

Mood and tone

Both of these words are always very confusing for students to understand. The mood helps to develop the emotions in the mind of readers that writer is trying to describe. On the other hand, tone is an attitude of the story. Sometimes, the tone of a story is very bossy and sassy. Sometimes it is sarcastic and funny. The perfect tone can be achieved by the appropriate choice of words and sentences. Mood is what exactly the viewers are feeling while reading the story.


Pun indented is the word that is used in the end of the sentence. There is no fixed meaning for this word but a bunch. It take the meaning as per the situation and sentences. The word conveys different meanings according to the story. Usually, it is used to convey the message of witty or funny. You won’t laugh like crazy after reading this word but probably the word can make you smile while reading the story.

These are the four different language features that make English more and more interesting. These features are probably used in different languages to make them more interesting. Every other language has different features. English language is not only about writing and speaking it. But has lots of deep meanings. Language features make the language more familiar and easy to understand. You only need to have a good knowledge of these features.

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