In case you have a large number of guests coming from a distant place to attend your wedding ceremony, it will be a sensible idea to assist them in finding a location for staying during the festivities. On most occasions, individuals tend to reserve some places in their location where the guests will be able to put up or they can also book a hotel room block for the guests. A room block happens to be a set number of rooms that are available at a discounted rate for the reservation.

Here, we have mentioned a brief guideline for booking room blocks in the best possible way.

1. The size of the room block

It is possible for room blocks in a hotel to be rather small and simple consisting of 10 rooms or so. However, they can likewise be quite large when you are booking an entire hotel out there. This will, of course, will depend on the number of guests who are going to participate in the wedding ceremony in your venue.

2. Types of rooms

The majority of the hotels will be placing the types of rooms available and also at what prices in their contract. In case you go for “20 queen rooms” or “a couple of deluxe king rooms, 4 queen rooms, 2 ADA accessible rooms, along with one suite” this will be what is available for the guests. These rooms will be removed by the hotel from their inventory for your block such that it will not be possible for other guests to reserve the rooms. Although they might make an attempt to accommodate special requests, in case you know that you require something specific, then it will be a nice idea to get specific and go ahead.

3. Facilities

Try to figure out what facilities do this room block for wedding has to offer for the guests? Do they have any items that will be available at an additional cost? If it is a fact, then request the hotel authorities to include it in the room block. For instance, if you need to pay something extra for self-parking, inquire what has to be renounced for the guests or whether there is any valet onsite for a minimized rate. Make sure to do anything you can for making your guests feel pampered.

It would be advisable for you to go for a New York City hotel booking shortly following the booking of the venue at least 5 to 6 months prior to the wedding. However, in case you are going to get married during a hectic time of the year in your location and are especially concerned regarding hotels getting booked, it will be quite practical for you to reserve the hotel blocks at least 9 months before the special day.

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