mulch delivery Perth

Getting the most out of your mulch delivery Perth could mean knowing how to apply your mulch and when to replace your old mulch. Mulch adds a polished look to your beds and garden. You should know when to replace your mulch to keep your garden looking beautiful.


There are a lot of reasons why mulching your garden and flower beds is a great idea. Mulch can keep moisture in the soil, prevent weed growth, reduce soil erosion, add organic matter to the soil, add to the aesthetic appeal of your home and keep your fruits, flowers and vegetables clean.


Organic mulches are made from plant-based materials. It could be recycled wood, shredded leaves and so on. Knowing the right time to replace mulch in your garden will keep your plants healthy and help you get the most out of your mulch.


Know when to replace your mulch

It is a great idea to replace your mulch every year. Over the seasons, organic mulch decomposes. The decomposition releases nutrients into your soil. The colour of the mulch can fade over time. You can keep it looking great by replacing it annually. When you are replacing mulch, it is crucial to avoid adding too much mulch. It is best to maintain about two to three inches of mulch in your beds. You might also want to remove mulch from the previous year to maintain the required depth.


It is crucial to know when to replace your mulch. The best time of the year for mulching is fall and spring. Getting mulch delivery and replacing your mulch during the right time of the year will help you get the most from the mulch benefits.


Replacing mulch in spring

The soil becomes dry after winter’s snow and rain have warmed up from the cold temperatures. In a season with typical weather, early May might be the best time to apply mulch. If the winter has been long with a rainy spring, you may want to wait until late May to apply mulch.


Replacing your garden mulch in the fall

Replacing your garden mulch in the fall can ready your plants for the winter. If you have plants such as perennials a fresh layer of mulch will protect them against the chill in the winter. The best time to mulch is therefore later in the fall season. In the winter, you need mulch to protect the heaving of your plants. Heaving can damage the roots of your plants. Some landscapers and homeowners choose to replace their mulch both in the fall and spring. This can keep the plants protected year-round and keep the mulch looking vivid and fresh.


Replacing mulch

After getting mulch delivery Perth, you should know how to replace your mulch to get the most from it. You should ensure the area is free from weeds before replacing your mulch. Do not take a one-size fits all approach when determining the right mulch depth. Be aware of when to apply your mulch.