Evil eye amulets, charms, and jewelry are growing in popularity among users around the world. But why wear an evil eye bracelet when there are so many other alternatives, and why should you choose a specific color, like a light blue evil eye bracelet?

Here’s what you need to know.

What Is the Evil Eye?
The “evil eye” is a symbol that, in some ways, transcends culture. Apparently, the original concept of the evil eye is well over 5,000 years old and hails from the Middle East. As a result, the symbol is prominent not only in western religious cultures but also in those that spread east. References to the evil eye can be found in Abrahamic religions as well as in Buddhism.

References to the evil eye also span nations as well as faith. Countless lands in the old world referenced the symbol and created talismans to ward against it.

So what is it?

Well, the central tenet of the “evil eye” is that it is a curse that can be laid on someone, simply by looking at them with the “evil eye.” The idea is that the one with malicious intent needs to do nothing more than lay the “evil eye” on another to spread ill will and bad fortune.

Consequently, evil eye jewelry and talismans arose as a form of potential protection against these “curses of the evil eye.” The belief is that the charm protects the wearer – or the location – against such curses.

In fact, some believe that wearing a piece of symbolic evil eye jewelry, like an evil eye bracelet, can not only protect the wearer from bad energy but bring positive energy and good fortune instead.

It is said that wearing a piece of jewelry like an evil eye bracelet reflects away the bad energy from the “evil eye” curse and opens the wearer to blessings and good luck.

Why a Light Blue Evil Eye Bracelet?
The unique thing about evil eye charms is that they are actually available in several different configurations and colors. It is said by some that differently colored evil eye amulets have different powers. These are some of them:

● Blue evil eye bracelets: A common color, blue or “dark blue” evil eye amulets channel good luck and karma, open channels of communication, and unlock creativity.

● Light blue evil eye bracelets: A light blue evil eye bracelet, the color of the clear blue sky, brings peace and tranquility as well as general protection against evil omens.

● White evil eye: The white evil eye amulet brings goodness, light, and purity to the wearer.

● Purple evil eye: The purple evil eye rebalances and de-clutters, restoring balance to the life of the wearer.

● Black evil eye: The black evil eye guards against negative energies and evils.

It is important to note that this is merely a sampling and that many other colors of evil eye jewelry exist that have distinct abilities.

Where Can You Get a Light Blue Evil Eye Bracelet?
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