The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for people, personally and professionally. 

This is one of the best times for firms when they can close more sales as most people are in festive or holiday mode. 

The tendency of people to buy new things during the holiday season is relatively high. 

On the contrary, firms also roll out new offers and enticing discounts to intrigue potential customers to buy. 

During the holiday season, your prospects may be busy buying new tools to enhance business productivity and selling their business offerings, which leads to distractions. 

Therefore, firms need reliable communication channels that immediately capture distracted audiences’ attention, and SMS is unmatched by all other channels in terms of reliability. 

Here’s how you can send SMS using Salesforce during the Holiday season and boost sales.

Send SMS Using Salesforce and  Boost Holiday Sales

Run Flash Sales Salesforce SMS Campaign

Running a flash sale campaign can be a good idea to boost your Holiday sales. 

You can offer your business offerings at a discounted price for a limited period. 

This will create a sense of urgency and compel prospects to buy within that specified time frame. 

To make it big while running flash sales, you can run a well-defined Salesforce SMS Campaign. With this approach, you can close a vast number of sales. 

You can communicate through texts about an upcoming flash sale during the holiday season. 

This will help you engage with potential buyers with high purchase intent and also give them a reason to wait.

Communicate about Freebies

During the Holiday season, the chances are high that your competitors are also offering good deals and offers. 

So you need something more concrete to stand out from the crowd and capture the audience’s attention. 

If you have a freebie or a special gift to offer on a certain purchase amount, let your customers know about it. 

You can send SMS using Salesforce to apprise them of such deals. 

This will help you increase sales during holidays and the average amount they spend on purchases.

Design Holiday Campaigns with Essential texts

The holiday season gives you enormous opportunities to connect with audiences at various touch points. 

From making a sale live to the final purchase, you can send different types of messages to engage with your audiences and boost sales. 

You can set up a drip Salesforce SMS campaign configuring texts to go out at different intervals. 

You can schedule text to inform customers about upcoming sales and when a sale is live, follow up if they have availed offers, send reminders, and communicate about the extended sale. 

This will help you drive more purchases from customers by nudging them.


No matter how good campaigns you design or irresistible deals you offer during the holiday season, they are useless if they don’t reach your potential customers. Salesforce texting allows you to send SMS using Salesforce and ensure that your customers read your intended information. With automated texts, you can get into meaningful interactions connecting with audiences at the right time. Hence, you can close more deals without investing much time and effort.